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Abraham Zelmanov's Chronometric Invariants

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    I just got a hold of this book.
    Zelmanov seems to have an interesting approach to relativity.

    Basically he develops a mathematical framework where he can project 4-dimensional quantities onto any observer's own time line and spatial section.

    The books seems to be rather difficult and uses older notation.

    Is anyone here familiar with Zelmanov's Chronometric Invariants?
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    http://www.ptep-online.com/index_files/books_files/zelmanov1944.zip [Broken]
    from http://www.ptep-online.com/index_files/books.html [Broken]

    I'm looking through it now.
    To me, projecting out components from tensorial expressions is the cleanest way to obtain what an observer measures from the "real physics" encoded in the tensorial expression.

    Projecting out quantities isn't new... It just isn't in most of the textbooks... yet.
    For example,
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