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Absolute Proof Einstein Was Wrong (not really)

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    I have developed a theory that shows that the more massive an object, the faster time seems to move, thus proving that time dilation is wrong.

    You see, as I get older, I've noticed I've been gaining more weight, but it seems I have less time to do the stuff I want now rather than more time, so time seems to go faster now that I have more mass, rather than slower. I challenge anyone to dispute this claim.
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    Is that part of a larger Grand Unified Theory?
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    Anybody else noticed that the G is becoming stronger, cause i feel heavier now than i did back in HS.
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    A common misconception. Since the days and hours have seemed to sped up, you feel as if time is going faster. What is really happening is that time for you is running slower, so the normal running time of the world around you appears to be going faster in comparison. Your "hour" is longer than a outside world hour so an outside hour seems shorter to you..

    And it isn't that as you gain mass times slows so much as it is that as you age you accumulate more time, this accumulation begins to "clog up" things making your time more sluggish. It is also this accumulation of time that attributes to your mass gain. Your are being quite literally weighed down by time.
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    Scientists are researching the 'rest mass accumulation factor' - the more you have to rest as you get older, the more your rest mass increases.
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