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Medical Absurdly sensitive to Adderall

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    I have been on Adderall (generic, instant release) for about half a year now. I only take 5 mg a day because I was also on Adderall when I was twelve, and when they decided to raise the dose to 10 I felt funny, kind of numb, like I was having a panic attack, and that scared me so I split the pills in half and hid the other half, nobody took me seriously when I just said that I didn't need that high a dose.

    About a month ago, I experienced a similar reaction, only stronger and more frightening. I figured it was the Nyquil I had been given that day and the day before, so I stopped taking that, but I still had similar episodes over the next couple of days. They were subsiding until today, I woke up at two in the morning, from an exciting dream about matrix equations or similar. I couldn't get back to bed; felt too 'speedy'. No paraesthesia or such yet however, but I feel faint and trembly like it might happen later.

    My mood feels very calm and stable on this medication, but it was just when I was feeling the peak of the stable feelings when my body started acting up.

    I have recently been to the psychiatrist and he thinks it was just a reaction to Nyquil combined with loss of sleep and appetite, perhaps the first signs of inherited panic disorder from my mother. But the thing about how I react to Adderall is, I don't feel an instant rush of speed nor do I feel it suddenly go away after four to eight hours, it just stays there, maybe fades a little slowly... And I am taking the lowest dose available only once a day.

    Another thing, the psychiatrist recommended I take a drug holiday once a week to prevent myself from becoming tolerant. But at the group home where I am now at since two months ago they have to give it to me every day, and it does not weaken with daily use but rather strengthen. My depression is gone and my ADHD is manageable, but I am hyper all the time (well I always have been) and have lost a lot of weight (5'6.5" female 118 lb, was between120-130)

    While up last night I found out about how certain genes determine how many of the break down enzymes are produced. Is it possible I am a poor metabolizer with an abnormal expression of the CYP2D6 gene (which would also explain my adverse reaction to Strattera and Nyquil) and the Adderall has built up to toxic levels in my system over the month I have been made to take it every day?

    I have recently been to the doctor, my blood test came up normal and my heart rate and blood pressure are too (my blood pressure is always at the low end of normal, drug or no drug )
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    We have no way of knowing anything about you. I would suggest seeing another doctor if you feel your current doctor can't give you the answers you want.
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