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Accelerator summer job for an EE student?

  1. Mar 13, 2015 #1
    As I'm looking for summer research opportunities and internships, I noticed that the physics department at my university offers summer jobs to students (I'm guessing physics students) at our accelerator center (which focuses I believe mainly on ion beam analysis).

    Now, I'm an EE major. I plan on going to graduate school (most likely in EE, and hopefully in some very physics-oriented discipline). I was wondering, if somehow I managed to convince the physics department to let me work there, would that be good experience to have?

    Would engineering graduate programs look at that as a good research experience for an incoming EE student? Or, if I decided to go for physics, would that give me some kind of advantage, being an EE major trying to go to grad school for physics
    What about for industry? Is that the kind of experience that would help me out if I decided to go into industry? If more details are needed about the accelerator center, I can provide them.
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    I think it would be an excellent experience. So I say, GO FOR IT!!

    Would it really help you as an EE? Maybe, maybe not. That kind of depends upon your EE educational background. ie if your education was in power it might never pertain directly to your career.

    However, having said that, you should continue to look for better (more EE appropriate), right up to the time you commit. I suspect you will be put on a fair sized list with preferences given to the Physics majors. If they do accept you, it may be for pe'on work, but you will be immersed in an exciting field with lots of smart people (and usually some of those smarts can rub off).
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    You might want to give ZapperZ's thread a read, accelerators is definitely an EE appropriate field to go into.

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    1. You never stated what year you are currently in.

    2. You do not need to be a physics major to specialize in Accelerator physics. Many students do accelerator physics as EE major. In fact, in many schools, the accelerator program is more under the EE department.

    3. Check out the Lee Teng internship. You have missed the deadline for this year, but you should keep an eye out for next year.

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    I'm currently a sophomore, so I have 2-3 summers left before graduate school.
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