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Accident at steel plant spills molten metal onto plant floor

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    Here is a video of a funny accident that happened at a steel mill in Russia. Thousands of pounds of molten metal come pouring out of it's ladle onto the floor due to equipment failure.

    Fortunately no one was hurt in this incident, but the whole plant could have gone up in flames if the outcome had been different.

    Molten steel isn't exactly something that you can clean up with a broom or a mop.

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    Some of these videos while they often appear funny are actually quite frightening if you were there. The recent volcanic eruption in Japan had many videos and photos taken by hikers in the vicinity who died shortly after taking the photos of the catastrophic eruption.
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    I've wondered once or twice if they ever have steel spills at steel mills. Now I know.
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    That was not even slightly funny!! That was a great catastrophe narrowly averted.

    I used to work in a steel mill (Bethlehem Steel), and I've seen pours like that (not out of control), and it looks like the mouth of hell itself when the ladle tips. Dirt floors are common in steel mills so that a spill does not run as fast or as far as it would on concrete.

    Any person caught in that flood would suffer severe burns, likely loose both feet and worse. This is extremely high risk work.
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    Not to mention the dust that is kicked up that you're likely to choke on, while greatly reducing visibility.

    I used to work as a courier for GE plant operations and was always a bit apprehensive entering these areas where steel was poured or where steel steam turbine shells were machined, carried by a ceiling crane and tested via dynamic pinup of a turbine shaft.
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    You have a very sick sense of humor if you think this is funny.
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    I think I understood a few of those Russian words. :))
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    I thought an alarm sounds telling workers to clear the area whenever a loaded ladle is being moved.
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    This is like a scene out of Terminator 2. I agree though, that's a pretty deranged sense of humour you have if this is funny to you...
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    If you look at the various YouTube videos available that show iron making/steel making operations, you will see many workers on the floor, doing various jobs. The fact that there is a pour in progress does not mean that everyone vacates the building. There are many tasks to be done during a pour, and the workers remain at their posts to perform them at the appropriate time.
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    Working at steel mills can be extremely dangerous. It's probably one of the most dangerous industrial jobs out there..
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