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Hi everyone,
I want to find a function to fit a two arrays data (X,Y=f(X)) with high precision, but I am not succeed.
Can any one help me.
These are my data:

Thanks a lot in advance
Be a little more precise...what is your exact definition of accuracy? I see that you have 103 data points, so you could come up with a 102nd degree polynomial that goes through every one of those points exactly using" [Broken]. All this would take is a bit of time for you to enter your data into a linear algebra program such as Matlab or Octave.

On the other hand, if you want the best linear approximation of that function you could consider" [Broken] or higher-order least squares approximations.

It all depends on your definition of "accurate" and what kind of curve you want to fit.
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Given that the X is simply a count, I presume this is a time series. It might be interesting to read/google about autoregression models or ARIMA models.
If you have access to a spreadsheet program such as excel, they contain functions for this purpose. You would have to try them to test for the degree of precision.

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