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Acetic Acid + Ammonium Hydroxide Vapours

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    I work in the movie business doing Special Effects.
    To create smoke for some effects we use "A+B Smoke." It is simply a mix of Acetic Acid (Part A) and Ammonium Hydroxide (Part B).
    However, the smoke effects is created when the VAPOURS of these 2 chemicals mix in the air.

    The MSDS Safety sheet lists the resulting mix as only an "irritant" to eyes, throat, and lungs HOWEVER, I believe these safety ratings are based on the solid remainder of Ammonium Acetate. (I hope that is correct) I am more concerned about the toxicity of the resulting SMOKE and not the solid remainder.

    What is the resulting toxicity of these two chemicals reacting together?
    What is the toxicity of the VAPOURS/Smoke created by mixing these chemicals?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Smoke is just a solid dispersed in air. In this case, the smoke is made up of tiny ammonium acetate particles dispersed in the air. The only other product is water.
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    Thanks for your quick reply...
    Any idea how toxic ammonium acetate is when inhaled?
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    I would go with whatever the MSDS says. I doubt it's terribly toxic, but I wouldn't recommend lots and lots of exposure to it.
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