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Acetone from Nail Polish Remover?

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    Hello, I am new here at this forum and this is my first post. I searched everywhere for a method of extracting acetone out of nail polish remover and could not find an answer. Is there anyway to make or extract acetone. I need it to make nitrocellulose by putting pieces of ping pong balls into it. And finally do i really need to purify the acetone or can i simpely use nail polish remover by itself which is mostly acetone.

    Thanks in advance,
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    You should be able to find some brands of nail polish remover that are sold as "100% acetone" which is just acetone and fragrance. This is pretty pure. You can also purchase relatively pure acetone from hardware stores. There is no simple way to make acetone in the home lab. Be careful with the nitrocellulose as its highly flammable. Most nail polish removers that contain acetone (some contain ethyl acetate) should be fine for your purpose.
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    Are you sure you need to "extract" acetone?
    Acetone is the main ingredient, if not the only ingredient, in most/[all?] nail polish removers. I would not think there would be much need to add extra ingredients too it (unless you want to mask the small or color it a pretty color [I have seen pink and blue nail polish remover before]). I think you should be able to use the acetone in the over the counter nail polish remover form.

    Also, hardware/painting stores sell much bigger bottles of acetone than you would normally find sold as nail polish remover, and it is pretty reasonably priced.
    I am not sure about the purity of the acetone used for painting, but it should not have too many impurities present.
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    Thanks for the help. I will try it as is and check the MSDS to see the percentage. If all fails i will try and buy some from a paint store or hardware store.
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