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ACS exams in inorganic and biochemistry. Anybody take them?

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    Hello everybody!

    In about 2 months, I will be taking 4 of the standardized ACS chemistry exams (physical, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry). I bought the official guides for physical chemistry and organic chemistry, and they've been extremely helpful. I blew through the organic chemistry study guide in a few days, and it was quite easy. I'm still working through the physical chemistry study guide. It's challenging, but I'm sure I'll do well with enough studying.

    I'm a little nervous for the inorganic and biochemistry exams, though. Official guides for these don't exist, so I feel a little lost as to what I should study. I'm reading all of Miessler's Inorganic textbook to prepare. However, I don't know what things I need to "memorize" and what things I need to understand.

    Has anybody taken either of these ACS exams? If so, can you offer me any advice or tips? How many things questions were based on "memorization of data" rather than analysis of data that they provide? Thanks a lot, and sorry if this has already been addressed.
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