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How to properly prepare for org. Chemistry exam?

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    First of all, I don't have much difficulties learning stuff for exams in general. Though, organic chemistry seems to be the hardest subject I ever had. Not because I find it too difficult to understand, it's because of the quantity. I don't really know how to properly prepare for my exam. We did stereochemistry, nomenclature, sugars and amino acids, basics of quantum physics to understand orbital theory, and at least a whole bunch of reaction mechanisms. It's very difficult for me to sort out unimportant stuff, since everything seems important to me.

    I find it much easier to study for my physics exams (I'm a biophysics student). I don't have to learn too much by heart, it's much more a matter of understanding principles and applying them. For me, it doesn't work that way with chemistry ...

    Do you have some advice? How do you prepare for org. chemistry exams?
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    Organic Chemistry is simple if you know how to predict the mechanism. To do so, you need to solve every reaction with mechanism.

    Then there are specific functional groups which have their own chemistry, so you need to know about them.
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