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Adding silver to bronze in foundry

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    Hi I am just curious as to how to add silver and tin to bronze to change its sound.... I am making some musical instruments that need to have these metals included for resonance. Being an artist with a small foundry just for casting my own work I have no experience in the production of alloys .... although I have some experience with the process of investment casting and a little in sand and ceramic shell. I have copper, tin, silver and am thinking of maybe adding antmony . If it is easier I can get recycled bronze and just add the extras to that ...maybe......? Would be grateful for any help or to be pointed in the right direction for help
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    What dictates that silver and tin need to be added for resonance?

    Just interested!
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    As far as I know you can add lead as well...some how the sound quality changes to what is wanted for bells,cymbals etc. I think maybe my word resonance may have been incorrect. These softer metals seem to maybe slow the sound waves and create undertones that just make for a nicer sound. I am wanting to add silver instead of lead because it just is nicer to work with. But I do not really know in a scientific sense why this happens. I guess my question really lies in basic metallurgy of which I am becoming more and more interested. Still keen to know how to mix these metals.
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