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Admission into foreing universities.l

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    I' am an engineering student (Mechanical) and i have a keen interest in Physics. Can anyone tell me how to go about in order to get an admission into foreign universities(U.S/ U.K) WITH A SCHOLARSHIP???
    Also i' am highly interested in theoretical physics, please advice on the same and also on which sort of degree would be best suited for me.
    Thank you.

    p.s- early replies would be highly appreciated..
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    Hi Rhydo. Are you looking to transfer? If so, in which schools in particular?
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    I' am presently doing a degree in engineering in asia. But i would like to study physics (theoretical) in any of the premiere institutions in US or UK after completing my engineering degree.
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    I don't mean to rain on your parade but I wouldn't be buying your plane tickets just yet.

    1. Theoretical physics is VERY competitive, more so than experimental, even at non-top ranked universities.

    2. Admissions at premier universities is ridiculously competitive even for citizens. Foreign student have it twice as hard.

    3. You have an undergraduate degree in engineering. That usually means little-to-none of the required physics much less the mountain of math that you need.

    4. There is next to nothing such as a scholarship for grad school. You get assistantships or government grants (the latter of which I think you may be ineligible for as a citizen).

    I just wanted to give you an honest idea of the situation. No one ever got anywhere by not trying, however, so hopefully some of the members more experienced in this sort of thing will chime in and help you out. Good luck!
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    Wow damn now you made me want to become a U.S. Citizen now. lol
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