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Advanced Molecular Biology - HELP NEEDED

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    Advanced Molecular Biology - HELP NEEDED!!!!

    I am currently enrolled in an advanced Molecular Biology course and we have been assigned the task of creating a novel (not yet proved or studied) hypothesis regarding something related to the course. Additionally, we are required to provide an experimental procedure that illustrates a way to test our hypothesis and to reach a conclusion.

    Our course relates specifically to DNA, RNA, and Protein structure and function.

    I am so lost and I really dont even know where to begin. If anyone could give me some ideas about potential hypotheses, and accordingly, which experimental protocols could be used to study these hypotheses, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

    Additionally, if anyone could give me some direction as far as which resources (such as websites) could be used to help me with the project it would be a great help.

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    Try picking a disease and read articles on pubmed about molecular approaches to understanding that disease. It isn't hard to find a lack of scientific consensus in the literature, especially for medical stuff.
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