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  1. Elaren

    Quantum Better advanced Quantum Mechanics book than Sakurai?

    Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics is 1/2 of a very good graduate textbook. Unfortunately Sakurai passed away midway through writing it, and it is very obvious exactly where it swapped from their writing to just using their notes. The back half of the book, while by no means bad, is notably less...
  2. S

    I Toy problem to motivate the idea of advanced Green's functions

    The Wikipedia article on Green's functions says, What would be a really simple physical toy problem that would motivate and explain the concept of advanced Green's functions?
  3. G

    What is rotational energy and how does it impact our world?

    Hello everyone, I am very new to the concept of advanced math and am looking to broaden my knowledge. I had sort of a vision involving the concept of swirling water and it has led me down the path of rotational energy. I am eager to learn more and contribute if possible in the future to the...
  4. oldmember

    Is it possible to do advanced physics online?

    TL;DR Summary: Some universities offer online MSc and phd in physics,are they wirth it? I am what you would describe as wannabe physicist, i like the topic and want to study it but in my country there are no reputable universities that teach the topic in advanced lvls. So can i study it online...
  5. shivajikobardan

    What is intermediate-advanced SQL and how to learn it?

    Non-DBA advanced part: For me subqueries, HAVING clause, GROUP BY clause, CTEs, Indexing, Optimization etc are advanced sql queries. This is mostly used for data analyst, data scientist etc type I mean. For DBA part: No idea What is advanced sql and how'd you learn it. For data analyst...
  6. V

    Solve Simultaneous Equations: Loop/Junction Eqns

    +1.56 - 43i1 - 75i2 = 0 +1.6 - 100i3 - 75i2 = 0 +i1 - i2 + i3 = 0——-> i1 + i3 = i2
  7. Astronuc

    GRX-810, Advanced Multi-principal Element Alloy (MPEA)

    https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/nasas-new-3d-printed-superalloy-can-take-the-heat I searched for the composition, which I found in an open access Nature article https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-05893-0 Ni bal, 33 Co, 29 Cr, 3 W, 1.5 Re, 0.75 Nb, 0.25 Ti, 0.3 Al, 0.05 C; Nb and Ti...
  8. Q

    Quantum Advanced Quantum Mechanics Textbooks: Derivations of Equations

    Hi I’m looking for a textbook that shows the derivations of equations such as the different forms of the schrodinger equation fully and step by step.
  9. H

    Advanced Hydrodynamic Problem - University level

    TL;DR Summary: Advanced hydrodynamic calculation- University Level Calculate the necessary force of the hydraulic piston to empty the tank located at the bottom in the indicated time. Hi all guys I'm new on this forum, and I write this post to ask you for help on a mechanical engineering...
  10. M

    Engineering Advanced control systems, state-space controllers

    ------------EDIT---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check comment #7 for neater and faster explanation of the question statement --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The symbols represent: H, water...
  11. LCSphysicist

    What is the most advanced software that simulates human behaviour?

    I have been really curious about the possibility of simulate the human's communication hability using computer language/softwares. Most specifically, i have been thinking that the most difficult part of the simulation would be to "cofide" the level of randomness+logic that the human brain can...
  12. bigmike94

    Overcoming Difficult 2D Motion Problems: My Journey to Advanced Physics

    Ive been reading University physics by roger freedman, I’m on section 3 motion in 2d. I can solve most of the problems ag the end of the chapter, or at least understand the solutions. But there is a small extra section called challenge problems. There’s only 3 but I found them very difficult...
  13. M

    I Visual Interpretation of Advanced Electrodynamics

    Hello! I am a junior undergraduate physics major and I am very confused on how to visualize things in my electrodynamics class. Specifically, I am having issues with dielectrics and spheres with constant potentials etc. I usually notice that I am lost in a class when I can no longer draw out a...
  14. E

    This is the most advanced and lifelike robot that I've ever seen

    At first, I thought that this humanoid robot was just really good CGI, but it's actually real. The facial movements and expressions are eerily realistic and lifelike.
  15. A

    Calculus Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics

    Is someone has already heard about this book wrote by Andre I. Khuri (Professor emeritus in science at university of Florida) ? By the table of contents the book seems to cover a lot of things in calculus/multivariable calculus and in a rigourous way according to the preface (they argue that...
  16. K

    MHB What's the best financing option for Mia's used trailer purchase?

    Mia is buying a used trailer for $5000 on credit. She plans to travel through the Rockies over the summer. She can afford payments of $200 each month and is considering these two options: • The dealership credit card at 15.8%, compounded daily, and an immediate rebate of 2.4% off her first...
  17. Hamiltonian

    Relativity Advanced Theoretical Physics: a book on SR & GR for Undergrad Students?

    I recently came across a book called advanced theoretical physics -nick lucid. chap6 covers tensors and chap 7&8 cover SR&GR. I have studied a bit of SR before but never GR. At this point in life I don't want to read huge books on the subject. this book covers relativity entirely in three...
  18. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...
  19. K

    Astrophysics Looking for an Advanced Introduction to Astrophysics text

    I'm a physicist familiar with QM, QFT and GR etc but I've never really sat down and learned astrophysics properly. Would Steven Weinberg's new book be considered a good advanced introduction or would people recommend another text. Half tempted to get it anyway to complete the Weinberg collection.
  20. Frabjous

    Engineering Advanced Approach to Elementary Engineering Statics and Dynamics

    I already have a degree in physics. Is there a book that describes the applications for a person who knows the underlying physics? Poking around, I can only found 1000 page tomes that are also teaching the underlying physics. In the back of my head I am thinking about 1) Systems of wheels...
  21. V

    STM32 BLDC driver advanced configuration

    Hello Community, i have a X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 BLDC driver which will be controlled by a HMI (generic industrial product) combined with Nucleo nucleo-f401re. I developed the HMI part and currently i work on communication between the HMI and the Nucleo. I would appreciate any help to configure the...
  22. yucheng

    Prove the lower bound for a sequence (Buck, Advanced Calculus)

    Clearly, ##x_{n+1}>x_n \because x_n + \sqrt{x_n} > x_n## $$ \begin{align*} x_{n+1} &= x_n+ \sqrt{x_n} \\ &= x_1 + \sqrt{x_1} + \sqrt{x_2} + \cdots \sqrt{x_n} \\ &>n+1 \end{align*} $$ ##\because \sqrt{x_n}>\sqrt{x_1}=1## In fact, $$x_{n+1} > 1+ \sqrt{1} + \sqrt{2}+ \sqrt{3} + \cdots \sqrt{n}$$...
  23. Arman777

    Dynamical Programming - Sum of numbers / Advanced Problem

    Let us suppose we have an equation such that $$N = \sum_{i=1}^N ix_i = x_1 + 2x_2 + 3x_3 + ...+Nx_N$$ and we also know that the solutions (i.e ##x_i##) ranges from ##\{0, N\}##. For example, if ##N=4## we would have $$x_1 + 2x_2 + 3x_3 + 4x_4 = 4$$ and ##x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4## will range from...
  24. Bartellj

    Any advanced physics students/academics that have failed?

    Hello, I'm new here, and really just looking for a community/advice. I'm a physics major at Grand Valley State University, and I studied at the University of North Dakota for two years prior to this. I decided that I wanted to major in physics after a lot of thought, the catch is that I am not a...
  25. M

    Exploring Variable Slopes in Advanced Functions

    So I attempted this problem and to satisfy the first condition (for t in the range of [1, 5]), I drew the straight line that has a slope of 5 (i.e. f(x)=5x). I just don't understand how I can have the same function with a different slope (average rate of change) for the interval [1,10] or for [2...
  26. A

    Looking for a textbook for Advanced Limits

    As I can't find it in my basic calculus book, can someone please tell me what book that taught a limit theory and problem like these? Thank you
  27. M

    Advanced functions (precalculus)

    This is my attempt so far: ##0.05=\frac{30t}{200000+t}## then I solved for t. And I got 333.88 min. I feel like this is way too simple of a solution and I didn't use all of what's given in the problem. For part 2 of the problem it asks, what happens to the concentration over time. I tried to...
  28. N

    A question to physicists: Should I have an advanced level of mathematics?

    Hi there. I'd like to ask you, educated folk, a question. I'm graduating from university next summer. My major is the law. Although, all the time I keep some kind of passion for physics. Even though I am not a techie. I realize that I graduated as a dummy in math, physics, and chemistry due to...
  29. rxh140630

    Other Studying Advanced Subjects Without Answers

    How is one suppose to study advanced subjects when often textbooks that cover advanced subjects don't even have answers to the exercises?
  30. AndreasC

    Analysis Books for somewhat more advanced real analysis/metric spaces

    There is a class in my uni called Real Analysis, which covers mostly metric spaces and generally a bunch of slightly more advanced topics than just your basic calculus/multivariable calculus/very basic number theory etc. There are some notes that you can download but for some reason no...
  31. A. Neumaier

    A Advanced models for the Stern-Gerlach experiment

    A detailed discussion of measurement in the Stern-Gerlach experiment can be given in the POVM setting; see this post.
  32. F

    Self-study methods for advanced math books and papers

    How to study advanced math books and papers? Advanced math books don't have exercises to practice. What study methods do you use?
  33. S

    Algebra Book on Lie algebra & Lie groups for advanced math undergrad

    Posting for my son (who does not have an account here): He's a sophomore math major in college and is looking for a good book on Lie algebra and Lie Groups that he can study over the summer. He wants mathematical rigor, but he is thinking of grad school in theoretical physics, so he also wants...
  34. J

    I Does direct interparticle action imply advanced inertial forces?

    In his Nobel lecture (https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/physics/1965/feynman/lecture/) Richard Feynman states that by varying the Schwarzschild-Tetrode-Fokker direct interparticle action $$A=-\sum_i m_i\int\big(\mathbf{\dot X_i}\cdot\mathbf{\dot X_i}\big)^{1/2}d\alpha_i+\frac{1}{2}\sum_{i\ne...
  35. J

    Quantum Books teaching maths more advanced than what is used in quantum physics

    Hello friends. I was thinking that if you study physics, you learn first the basic math to understand it, but you don't go beyond, or deeper, you just learn the minimum math necessary to understand what you are going to see in your physics leassons. For example, if you are going to learn...
  36. topsquark

    LaTeX Where Can I Learn Advanced LaTeX Codes?

    I thought I'd make a new thread for some snippets of more "advanced" LaTeX codes that are not covered by the basic LaTeX tutorial. For example: \enclose{circle}{x} \enclose{circle}{x} A \overset{u}{=} B A \overset{u}{=} B A \overset{u}{ \rightarrow} B A \overset{u}{ \rightarrow } B A...
  37. torito_verdejo

    Calculus Recommended book for advanced calculus

    I'm looking for recommendations about advanced calculus books. I'm interested in going further and deeper than nth-order linear differential equations, but overall as a Physics student I'm deeply interested in being very, very comfortable dealing with line, surface and volume integration...
  38. J

    Other Math required for advanced classical mechanics

    What types of math should a student be comfortable with going into a classical mechanics class at the level of Landau and Lifshitz? And are there any additional types of math that aren’t required, per se, but would be beneficial to know (for said course)?
  39. M

    Investigating Motion of Rockets & Satellites: Advanced Mechanics Depth Study

    Homework Statement: Hi, I just got my first year 12 assignment which is a depth study of advanced mechanics. I had one idea of investigating the motion of rockets and satellites. I could even do something with circular motion or projectile motion, taking air resistance into consideration. I...
  40. V

    New technologies that are less "advanced" than old?

    Ever since electric cars became increasingly popular I've been wondering whether there are some other examples where new technology is less "advanced" than the old. I mean, electric motors are considerably simpler technologically compared to piston engines. Are there more such examples or is...
  41. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Using advanced calculus for finding values

    It is possible to find positive integers $A,B, C, D, E$ such that $\displaystyle\int_0^{\frac{2a}{a^2+1}} sin^{-1}\big(\frac{|1-ax|}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}\big)dx=\frac{A}{\sqrt{a^2+1}}sin^{-1}\big(\frac{1}{a^B}\big ) - C sin^{-1} \big(\frac{1}{a^D}\big) + \frac {Ea\pi}{a^2+1}$ for all real numbers $ a...
  42. menniandscience

    Retarded and advanced potentials

    "of the two types of solutions which the Maxwell equations yield for the wave equation, the retarded and advanced potentials, only the retarded field seems to have a physical meaning," let's start please with basic (and detailed as possible for the knowledgeable layman! p.s-which equation is...
  43. Avaro667

    Electrical Engineers with advanced physics knoweledge

    Hello . Is there any EE who thinks he had to go the extra mile in studying physics to this point in his career ? What courses did you take in both physics and mathematics? Did you read any topic on your own ? I'm really interested in your answers :) . I think i would like to get into IC design...
  44. Wrichik Basu

    Quantum Books for intermediate to advanced level QFT

    I have recently started a book on QFT: A First Book of QFT by Amitabha Lahiri and Palash B. Pal. It is very well written until the chapter of renormalization, where, before correcting the ultraviolet and infrared divergences, the book itself diverges, and I couldn't make meaning out of what they...
  45. Wrichik Basu

    I D'Alembertian in Sakurai's Advanced QM book

    In Sakurai's book "Advanced QM", he writes the Dirac equation (equation 3.31 to be exact) as: $$\left(\gamma _\mu \ \dfrac{\partial}{\partial\ x_\mu} + \frac{m\ c}{\hbar}\right) \ \psi= 0$$ which we can write as $$\left(\gamma _\mu \ \partial ^\mu \ + \frac{m\ c}{\hbar}\right) \ \psi= 0$$...
  46. H

    MHB Advanced Mathematics Assignment

    Hi guys, I am in desperate need for help with my assignment in advanced maths. In my assignment, I am required to use geogebra to support in answering the given questions. If someone can help me, that will be greatly appreciated.
  47. J

    I Advanced Dirac Notation Question

    Hello everyone, I have been working through some research papers on a topic that really interests me, but I believe I am misunderstanding a few things about Dirac Notation. I have expressions that read: \begin{align*} &< \psi_n \mid g(H - E_{n+1}) \mid \psi_n> \text{,} \\ &< \psi_n \mid (H -...
  48. C

    Engineering Advanced Circuits, Laplace Transform, Find Initial Conditions

    Vo(S) = [ N(s)Vi(s) + (- s2 + s - 2) ] / s3 + s2 + 1 ; can ignore (-s^2 + s - 2). From relevant equations: Vo(S) = [N(s)*Vi(s)]/(s^3 + s^2 + 1); -> (d3Vo(t)/dt3) + (d2Vo(t)/dt2) + Vo(t) = N(t)(dvi)/dt L[vi(t)] = t to s domain: [s3Vo(s) - s2Vo(0-) - SV'o(0-) - Vo''(0-)]Vo(s) + s2 - SVo -...
  49. N

    China's Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST)

    A team of scientists from China's Institute of Plasma Physics announced this week that plasma in its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) would be ready to begin attempting to generate more energy than it uses, in a world first. I am dubious about more news that comes out of...