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Advances in michelson morley interferometer

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    hello, i am curious to know more about advancements that has happened to the M-m experiment, i am studying relativity and recently saw a http://youtu.be/7T0d7o8X2-E" [Broken] of a modified interferometer. anyone knows a book/blog/file that talks purely about this. thanks.
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    That video is of a poorly constructed experiment. Precision optical experiments are done on very thick granite slabs, not a piece of sheet metal. I'm sure what he's seeing is distortion in his structure due to gravity. If it were a legitimate discovery, I believe there would have been four nulls per rotation, not two.
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    when i meant advances i was thinking of modern upgrades to the experiments, rotating table like in the video i posted. or maybe usage of laser or something as jtbell has told.
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