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I Michelson Morley Experiment Light Source

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    My question is that in Michelson Morley experiment, how they produced the light? what was the light source and has anyone used sunlight as a source yet to re-confirm that experiment? I am interested in sunlight as a source of light due to certain reason... Please if you know kindly mention the link as well or reference so that I can check that too... thanks..
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    The original Michelson and Morley paper is easily found with Google - it's even linked off the Wikipedia page on the experiment. You can look up the details of the apparatus yourself.

    The FAQ linked at the top of this sub-forum is a sensible place to start for further reading. Guessing that you are thinking that light from moving sources has not been tested for speed invariance, the relevant section is http://www.edu-observatory.org/physics-faq/Relativity/SR/experiments.html#moving-source_tests
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    Note that the original MMX can not be done with sunlight since a big part of the experiment was comparing the fringes at different times of day and night.

    Of course, similar interforemeters have been used with many light sources.
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