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Advantage/disadvantage of notation

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    When discussing Lorentz transformations some books use
    xμ/ = Λμ/αxα
    while some other books use
    x'μ= Λμαxα.
    Perhaps someone can help me understand which is the better notation.
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    I'd say the first notation is better. It tells you that the Lorentz transformation matrix has been constructed using the velocity of the upper index frame relative to the lower index frame. You can't tell the difference just by looking at the Lorentz transformation symbol in the lower equation (without looking at the two sides of the equation).
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    I think it is largely a matter of personal preference. I was introduced to the second notation as an undergraduate, but lately I have started preferring the first.
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    Ok...I been told not too make something to complex here..........Go with First one, and make sure, you do the second, has a thesis. And that will help you understand both. If your doing a Underg....make sure you do both sides, because they always ask why that, and why not this.
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    Thanks so much to you all.
    It seems that the first method is the better.
    As for the post of DarkoDornel, I am happy to say that I do not have to worry about "they always ask why that, and why not this" because I am a retired high school teacher who does not intend to work towards any thesis.
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