Advice on a great self study book. PDE

  1. Advice on a "great" self study book. PDE

    Hello, for the first time this summer i wont be taking ( at least i hope so) any classes. That will give me a lot of free time to do as i please. i will be a senior in college and i still have to take pde's. The prof that teaches the course, at least from what i hear, is a maniac, he makes the class impossible and the highest grade he gives out is a C.

    i definitely do not want a C, but also would like to learn the material. Im in need of a great self study book. A book that goes thru everything in detailed steps.

    Some previous books that i thought were good self study books were div grad curl ( i hope that the correct order), apps of quantum mechanics by Zettili, calculus an intuitive approach by Morris Kline.

    Thank you for any input.

    Also i would like to note that i have already purchased the shaums outline on Fourier analysis and pde's, they are good, but not great for self study.
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    Try the Xerox College book by H F Weinberger

    A first Course in Partial Differential Equations.

    (For the analytical stuff)


    The Oxford University book by G D Smith

    Numerical Solution of Partial Diffrential Equations

    (for the numerical stuff.)

    Note Once you have understood the basics, PDEs are usually solved numerically in the real world.


    Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics

    By E Zauderer

    is more meaty, but still readable for self study, but too much for a summer course.
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    Re: Advice on a "great" self study book. PDE

    I thought Evans is the golden standard.
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    Re: Advice on a "great" self study book. PDE

    Well, it's pretty much impossible to guess what topics his teacher will treat, and at what level. The only thing he said was "I will be a senior in college" but I am not sure what that means (I am not really familiar with the American college system).

    But Evans might be a little too much for self-study, as it has so many pages.
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