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Advice on HS textbook for 11th & 12th

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    I need introductory textbooks for Physics and Maths which cover the following topics. They are the syllabus of both 11th and 12th grade, which is my syllabus for my 12th grade(Long story). If you need me to elaborate further, mentioning individual chapters, please let me know. For Physics, I want a book that's more algebra oriented than calculus oriented, a portion of theory similar in length and content to Resnick Halliday which has clear explanations of fundamental theories and concepts (may sound weird but I've had to use some books whose explanations and definitions were quite confusing due to bad English, but I doubt that will be a problem here), solved examples and problems with answers in the back if not complete solutions (I check after solving the question only & I have self-confidence issues, checking after solving helps a lot). For Maths... I haven't really used many reference books to be able to say anything ...I think something that's aimed for the avg. intelligence student and has, once again, solved examples, answers and a short but concise theory without unnecessary filler (a bit of history is alright). But please, recommend anything that you feel might help.

    My syllabus:
    (Both 11th & 12th included)


    Motion, Force and Energy
    Mechanics of Solid and Fluids
    Thermal Physics
    Oscillations and Waves
    Electricity and Magnetism
    Optics and Optical instruments
    Atoms and Nuclei
    Electronics and Communications
    Photography and Audio-Videography


    Sequences and Series
    Coordinate Geometry
    Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry
    Mathematics for Commerce, Economics and Business

    What books do you recommend? For Physics, to use the "Undergraduate books" Resnick and Halliday, University Physics, or Giancoli for example, what is the prerequisite knowledge?(Sorry if the questions are silly, but I'm curious) Can someone entering 11th or 12th use them or are they aimed at someone who has gone through 11th and/or 12th at least once? And what course should I take in studying these topics? Should I tackle a particular topic first like algebra and Calculus, for example, as they are tools used in a wide spectrum of topics across various fields, or should I just do it in the order given in the book(s)?
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    Have you ever heard of the demystified series of books? I read a couple and thought they were pretty decent. But I'm fairly certain they're not meant for textbooks themselves. They might come in handy if you need some more help on something or can't find a book for one of the things. As to actual textbooks, I'm afraid I can't offer much help on that.
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    Yes, I've heard of them & browsed through one at a bookstore once. It was decent, but I felt it was more of a supplementary book, for reference like you said, and I had a book for that already. I might take it if need be. Thanks for the reply anyways.
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