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Advice on REU application for math

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    I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on writing personal statements. Is there anything I should absolutely say or anything I should absolutely not say? What should the focus be?

    Should it go something like: why I like math, what kind of math I like, any relevant experiences with math I have, and why I think I would be a good researcher? Should I talk about why I like math? Should I talk about the specific projects at that school and how that fits in with my interests (so like a statement of interest in my personal statement)?

    Also, I was talking to a classmate and she said when she applied for an REU she talked about math on a nonpersonal level, as well, as in how she believes math is beneficial to the entire world. Is this something I should go into great detail about?

    I am planning to speak to at least one of my professors about this, but any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
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