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Advice on undergraduate summer research positions

  1. May 20, 2007 #1
    During last 2 weeks I've been running around asking (mostly e-mailing cause they are rarely in their offices) professors in the fields of solid and structural mechanics for research positions. I got a late start cause I didn't know when to start looking for positions. Turns out at my college 6th week is really late.

    Some of my friends pointed out that I'm also taking 2 courses which is 8 units, feedback control systems and an intro to deformable solids. Is it possible to do summer class and research without killiing myself? They think its big load for the summer.

    Also one minor thought that I've been thinking about. I've been in contact with 3 professors that might offer a position.

    Prof. #1- Says I might be just helping around. Actually has no Lab, so it was recommended by a grad student and one of my professors to not work with him.
    Prof. #2- Says his Grad students are getting really busy, but asked if I was good with powerpoint.
    Prof. #3- Actually on sabbatical, but he contacted some people in his lab and asked if anyone wanted to work with me. From what I hear I'll be working with one of his post grad researchers.

    #3 looks promising but the professor won't even be there...

    This quarter is so hectic, other than scrambling looking for research, I got 3 weeks to find another place to live:frown:
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    i wouldn't worry too much about the professor not being there. my experience and from what i've heard from others the bulk of "lab work" usually gets performed by the grad students, while the professor oversees the research project and works on acquiring funding.
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    That's good to hear. BTW how's your research position coming along?
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    very good. i have this week off then start working on the research full time for the entire summer. i'm hoping to get a lot done.
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