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Age to marry in the United States-Old Times

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    Hey PF ppl,

    I assume the lega age in the United States is 18 If i am not wrong? Is there some States has the lega age as 21 or more or less than 18?

    What about old days? in the 1800's? 1700's?

    I try to google, but goolin mission failed :frown:

    Thx ppl for help! Links are very appreciated!
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    Ops i dunno why the thread is twice,

    Lets post on the other one if someone want to say sth.

    Evo can you please delete this one and the other one wit the yellow sign. Thx!
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    In many midwestern states minors can still marry. Though if they consummate, they might both go to prison for rape.
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    US: http://www.coolnurse.com/marriage_laws.htm

    (Side note: here, in Amsterdam, I think you can do the sex bit when 12! - if the parents agree - which seems a bit young.)
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    It's a state by state issue. I think all states require parental permission for minors ot get married however...
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    Nah you can become a prosititue at 12.. but no sex till 16 :rolleyes:

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    This sort of thing is interesting, in the US you can't marry 'till your 18 which is unusual for a western country, actually any country it is one of the few countries in the world to have such a high age for marriage laws, I'd post a link but apparently age you can marry is too strong for my works net nanny, suffice to say that the world average is about 16.

    Anyway I can only think that the law hasn't followed European and other countries world wide because of the puritanical streak the US has, although you'd of though the age of consent would equal the age of marriage if this was the case for obvious reasons but it doesn't in all cases in the US, not that I object to it, marriage isn't something I really want young adults to be thinking of untill there ready for it. There is apparently a dividing line between where you can have sex and when you can marry. Which I actually think makes sense, you should be taking marriage more seriously than sex, after all marriage is for life(theoretically) And can be well regulated Where as sex is something that young adults engage in often regardless of what the legal age of consent is. No really the average age girls and boys lose there virginity in America are both under 18!:eek:
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    Puritanical? Sounds like marriage legality at 12 sounds more puritanical then 18.
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    yeh will the poster was wrong, in the Netherlands its 16
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    Don't want to derail, but I was talking about sex.
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    look at the date of your article.

    From your link (Did you even read it?)

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060530/od_nm/dutch_pedophiles_dc;_ylt=AiogEwX87Aosf1JHDbNqVe [Broken]

    another stoy about them wanting to reduce the age of concent
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    oi now im lost, no one comment on what i say
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    I did... The age is not 12 in the netherlands as you were refering to, it is 16. So your statement needs altering I guess ;)

    IGNORE ME...
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    Did it get changed from 12 to 16 then?

    I've read about that sick party (in your yahoo link) in the local papers - with respect to the elections recently.

    On the interpol site (as of Spring 2006), it says "The legal age of consent for sexual activity has not been communicated.".

    It's good if they do raise it - 12 is very young. Plus, if bigger, it would cut into the whole 'sex tourism' thing.

    I did read about prosecutions for, eg. US citizens, after they return from trips to, eg. SE Asia, for underage sex - sorry, enough derail... another thread...

    Anyway, imo, it's wrong.

    Maybe back to the marriage, sorry for the derail :wink:
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    I was living there when they changed it.. It is 16

    Anyway prosititues have to be 18 or over, there was a BIG BIG Scandle here in Beglium not so long ago, regarding phedophiles, this was a catalyst for NL to change its laws.
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    Here in Canukland, there's a move afoot to raise the age of consent for sex from 14 to 16. I assume that the legal marriage age is still 16, but I'm not sure.
    I remember back in grade 10 one of my classmates got married at 16. When she missed a day from being sick, she brought a note from her husband. The principle wouldn't accept it and made her get one from her parents, even though she hadn't lived with them for months. :rolleyes:
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    So its almost the logic behind it is when the male-femal become an adult in biological way, and when they are respobsible enough,

    hehe i wonder why drinking alcohol is consider a decision that need more maturity than getting married in most states.

    and on a side note, even voting for the president is 18+ while alcohol age is 21 + :approve:

    What about old times? 1800's lets say in the U.S or Europe? or even before? I am interested to see how the law about it has developed too.
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