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Air humidification using filter(s)

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    hello, I have a small project to made and one of the problems is humidifying the inlet air for a fuel cell with open cathod.
    I can't use Perma-pure technology or similar things, because there are no tubes in which the air flows; it goes directly inside one of the faces of the fuell cell and comes out the other way thanks to a small fan.

    I thought of using one or two layers of materials to humidify it.
    These layers would go near the face of the fuel cell in which the air goes in, but they have to remain at least 1 centimeter distant to the fuel cell so they don't touch it.
    The problem starts now:
    1) the first layer must be a sort of paper with the under part immerged in a bowl of,say, 2 cm full of water, so by capillarity this paper will absorb water and remain completely wet.
    The air will flow through it and humidify 100% itself.
    2) the second layer must be an impermeable-to-water material, like goretex; it has to not let water droplets through, but let pass the air 100% humidified. This is because the air, passing through the first layer, could remove some drops of water that in no way must reach and touch the face of the fuel cell.

    I don't know what materials take, I searched but did not find the right ones.
    The face of the fuel cell to cover is 18x21 cm, the air must flow at 10 cm/s and the maximum pressure drop that the fan can sustain is 1300 Pascal.

    Thanks to all of you that can help me
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    A diagram or picture of the fuel cell might be helpful too as there may be other ways to humidify without filter-like materials.
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