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Aerospace Aircraft Stability

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    For an RC aircraft which i am working on i was thinking about having static stability at the extreme limits of pitching to prevent stalling and further instability, but i was wondering what to have between the limits neutral static stability or static instability. Static instability may help the pilot due to ease of controls but will always lead to the extremes thus stabilising the aircraft, thus preventing the pilot from maintaining the aircraft's orientations. Sorry but i'm not to good in explaining this. Thanks.
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    all i know the choisen limit for static margin is from 1% to 40% and as u increas the static stabilty u decreas the contrlabilty so for good manuvers u need the a/c to be light stability
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    well i feel you should keep the aircraft in the range of static stability. the reason being if it is in the instable region i.e. CG behind AC, it will produce pitch up moments till your aircraft stalls. but between these limits, you must tend it towards instability as neutral stability will keep it in its position without ensuring its return to the stable position. so a good configuration would be two statically stable points between an unstable region which tends to pitch the aircraft back to its original position i.e C.G ahead of A.C
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    At the extreme limits the canards will stall, not the wings thereby preventing the wing from stalling. Also the CG is ahead of the AC of the wing. Want to know whether to keep neutral stability or static instability between the extreme limits. Nice to see u here.
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    but no one desing the aircraft to be unstability it is just choise between light stability and heavy stability ( the distance between ac and cg= static margien )and the ac shoud be after the cg then u look for the range for the movment of the cg forword or backword
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    you never said you were using canards. i would say go for light stability as this may help in stablisation as well as easy maneuverabilty....
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    ok.So should it be light stability or neutral??. Just trying out with canards.
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    i feel light stability
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