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    Help building a Wind Tunnel

    Hi everyone, I am new and I hope I'm putting this in the right section. I am currently a Sophomore in High school and I am building a wind tunnel. It's not for a class but rather its is like an independent study. I have been into planes pretty much all my life and I am hoping to get a pilots...
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    RC Circuit with a voltage source

    1. Homework Statement A voltage source E_0 cos ωt is connected in series with a resistor R and a capacitor C. Write down the differential equation expressing Kirchhoff’s law. Then guess an exponential form for the current, and take the real part of your solution to find the actual current...
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    Confused about solving RC circuits with nodal analysis

    Problem is in the picture below. The problem is already solved, but I am confused as to why C(dv/dt) is positive and not negative, since the current is coming out of the capacitor and towards the point v(t), which is not away from v(t) like the solution shows. But if I solve the problem with...
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    Propellers on an RC Quadcopter?

    Hey forum, So I plan on creating a remote controlled quadcopter and I have a query regarding its propellers' sizes. I read that small propellers require motors with a high KV (RPM per volt), and large propellers need motors with a lower KV. There seems to be a way of determining how to match...