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Aerospace Airfoil characteristics for NACA 65-210

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    I have to analyze this airfoil at 4 degrees: "Consider a wing of span 15 feet. The root chord is 2.381 feet. The tip chord is 0.953 feet. The airfoils used are NACA 65-210 sections, which have a zeo-lift angle of –1.2 degrees. The wing is untwisted."

    Now I've got a matlab code to analyze this airfoil. It requires the following inputs:
    input root chord = 2.381
    input tip chord = 0.953
    input span = 15
    input Root twist angle in degrees = 0
    input tip twist angle in degrees = 0
    input root lift curve slope in units/ radian = ??
    input lift curve slope at the tip, in units/radian = ??
    input angle of attack, in degrees = 4
    input zero-lift angle at the root = -1.2
    input zero lift angle at the tip = -1.2

    Since the wing is untwisted, root twist and tip twist would be 0 right? I don't know how to find root lift curve slope at the root and tip. Is this information I'm supposed to find specifically for the NACA 65-210? Where would I find this information? Also zero-lift angle would be -1.2 for root and tip right?
    Thanks a lot for helping.
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    the uiuc database or theory of wing sections are possible databases. And yes your zero lift at root and tip are both -1.2 degrees.
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