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Homework Help: Algebraic graphing object flight paths

  1. Oct 24, 2012 #1
    question: you have the opportunity to shoot down another groups rocket. the path for the other groups rocket can be modelled by h(t) = -3t^2 + 45t . what straight line path must your missile follow if it is to shoot down their rocket at 12.5 second mark? show your answer both graphically and algebraically.

    attempted to graph rocket into geogebra and tried to model missile path without luck.

    urgent help is much appreciated.

    thank you in advance

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    It would be nicer if you would tell us what the problem really is! What you wrote here makes no sense. "other groups rocket can be modelled by h(t) = -3t^2 + 45t" In what coordinate system? Is h the height and t the time? In what units? You say "at 12.5 second mark". Is t in seconds? If so what is h when t= 12.5?

    "what straight line path must your missile follow". A "line" implies two or three space dimensions, not just one. Is there other information you have not told us? Where, in this coordinate system is your missile starting from?
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