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Algorithm-how to proceed (numerical techniques)

  1. Jul 17, 2010 #1
    My problem is like this:

    I have a 2 dimensional domain

    Now, that domain is made up of eleemnts- these elemnts are triangular
    or quadrilateral in shape. Each triangualr and quadrilateral element has 3 and 4 vertices (a triangular element has 3 vertices and quadrilateral has 4 vertices).

    We have fixed function values at these vertices- the function is (Say) F

    In that 2-D domain we define a strip (a strip is just a part of the area of that domain), A strip may have several sections - (those) lines as in attached figure (summary-figure.jpg)- the vertical lines are sections.

    What I need is::

    I need to integrate the resultant (function) along the length of each design strip section and
    hence across the width of the design strip.

    I could think to proceed in the following steps::

    The inputs are:

    A) All the triangle/quadrilateral vertices
    B) Function values at all the vertices
    C) The line over which you want to integrate
    D)geometry of the strip

    The broad algorithm would be like this:
    1. Find which quadrilaterals/triangles this line intersects
    2. Find the function values at the points of intersection of the line with the sides of these quadrilatrals/triangles
    3. Use numerical integration to integrate the function from these values

    Can anyone help me with a better algorithm?

    Also, how would I proceed with 3 above?What would be the best for numerical integration?

    Someone suggested about Chebyshev polynomials- but I do not have any idea of it!

    Please please can anyone help?It si very urgent


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