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Aliens Visiting Earth in Our History

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    I was having a conversation with a friend last night, and he mentioned that he believes that aliens have come to Earth to ancient societies, helping them take actions beyond the the technological capabilities of those societies.

    Examples that my friend gave me were Stonehenge and pyramids. I'm pretty sure that the pyramids were within the technological capabilities of the builders, but it's never too late to be wrong!

    As for Stonehenge, I just plain don't know enough about it to draw much of an opinion. Still, there are probably a handful of very plausible explanations that make believing in alien help a little silly.

    What do you all think? I know there is a thread on whether or not aliens have ever visited Earth, but after talking to my friend I'm interested in getting more specific.

    I contend that aliens have not come to Earth in order to help ancient civilizations undergo actions beyond what they were capable of, but I don't have the knowledge base to explain why with particularly compelling information.
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    You can't prove they didn't - that's the great thing about cranks.
    Even if you proved that stonehenge is easy to build with the technology at the time, that doesn't mean that aliens weren't involved.

    Of course you also can't prove that aliens disguised as humans weren't also responsible for the Brooklyn bridge.
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    Sometimes just reading forum posts is enough to be sure they not only visted in the past, they are here all the time.
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    There's a certain level of plausibility for most people that falls completely short of "even though there is a very clear and simple explanation, I will choose to believe that aliens did it."

    My friend does not believe that aliens assisted with these things because he's a complete crackpot, but rather because he perceives that the lack of explanation only makes sense when considering aliens.

    Now, that doesn't mean that there really is a lack of explanation; essentially, my friend does not know of or understand a more realistic way to explain how the Stonehenge rocks were moved/how the pyramids were built.

    Personally, I think he's been reading up on too much of http://www.outerworlds.com/likeness/aliens/aliens.html" [Broken].

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    Haha awesome. Well put.
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    If aliens were smart enough and tech savy enough to make it here, why would they throw a bunch of stones in a pile and leave? So that thousands of years later we could hypothesize their existence...? Doesn't make much sense to me
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am not aware of even anecdotal evidence supporting the ET-pyramid stuff. However, we do find many stories of visitors from the sky, or the stars, in ancient historical accounts. If there is any reason at all to consider the proposition that we have been visited, it would be the historical and modern accounts that make this claim directly.
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    Much of this is probably based in a genuine ignorance about how you work with stone.
    People have no frames of reference, no physical *feeling* for what was going on.
    I worked as a garden-designing stone mason for enough years to become familiar with the material.
    So i'll say... give me 100 good men and unlimited finances, and I'll build you a Great Pyramid within... oh, I don't know... 2-3 years?
    If I have to use only archaic technology the stakes will change, but I'll still know how.
    None of that violates the laws of physics. There is also the subject of *geopolymers* to consider.
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    I once heard that the skeletons of workers dug up around the pyramids had warped bones due to high stress work moving those huge blocks. I'll have to look into that again.
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    I have come to a point where I think it would not surprise me if aliens have visited ancient peoples, and influenced civilization. Apart from that, I'm not so sure there is very good evidence of it. Some people claim there are many ancient drawings of spacemen, or spaceships, but I think mostly what I have seen is a stretch. These people were very smart and very good artists. They would have drawn more accurate pictures in my opinion. However, we don't know they didn't keep these records.

    I once thought the history of religion, and the occult, especially as told through Masonic works, etc, and claims of secret knowledge held by secret societies, may be slightly suggestive of perhaps a tightly guarded secret as to the roots of religion being alien.

    I find it strange that some of these groups operate in such secret, dress up in robes and perform strange rituals, claim secret knowledge dating back thousands of years, and have been able to basically rule the world for hundreds if years. Given all the things I have seen in my lifetime, I would also not be surprised if Alien overlords were behind the world shadow governments possibly working in cooperation, perhaps trading something they want for power and technology.

    But all this can be is speculation.

    I do however believe that ancient civilization and technology were probably much more advanced much further back in history than suggested in literature.

    There are some amazing ruins in Lebanon that are much more astonishing than stone henge.

    I don't believe it, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    There is another place where there are monoliths carved with astonishing accuracy ,supposedly, according to a history channel documentary, made from a type of rock so hard that it would have required diamond cutting tools. I can't think of the name.
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    I personally would be more surprised if the aliens came to Earth previously and just helped the ancient peoples build structures out of rock. I truly think it's a disgrace to toss away the hard work of other humans ... of our species as a whole just so that one can cling to a childish fantasy about aliens.

    Why would they stop visiting??? Because they felt we were no long 'ancient' or in need of their help??? PLEASE. They can travel throughout space somehow come to our planet and somehow our modern society wouldn't seem primitive or in need of help??? :rofl: :rofl:

    I can't comment on what an alien motive would be here on Earth but neither can anyone else. To me saying that they helped build such and such or that it was strictly only 'ancient' humans they helped (ancient in quotes because even our modern society would seem quite primative to a modern alien society which could travel to our planet thousands of years ago... they must be quite godlike now.) is also commenting on alien motives so that position is just as rediculous. In fact I'd say it's even more rediculous and unbelievable because of lack of evidence. I can go around spewing non-sense about whatever I like about the ancient people and claim that because none of us have lived back then that we just can't prove for certain.
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    I'm not at all impressed by contemporarty alien stories built on hopeful expectations. As for stories of anchient structures (more contemporarty stores) that somehow require alien entervention--forget about it.

    I'm most curious about old stories, both word-of-mouth and written, at a time untainted by human hopes of alien visitations.

    I claim that all stories originating at a time when there are hopes of alien visitation are tainted by human desire and have no objective value.

    Two, perhaps untainted, stories come to mind.

    1) The thing Ezekiel talked about in the Bible. One reference is
    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sitchin/spaceships_ezekiel.htm" [Broken]

    2) The 'sky shields' reported over one of the many battles of alexander the great. One reference is http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sitchin/spaceships_ezekiel.htm" [Broken]

    Perhaps the Arora Texas mystery is also untainted.
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    The idea of Aliens visiting earth, is probably more realistic than most peoples personal spiritual beliefs. While an alien visitation sounds strange, it isn't supernatural, or physically impossible. The only problem is that there isn't evidence.

    My opinions are based on the technology I know to exist, which makes the world a mysterious enough place as it is, I can imagine it, I can picture it, and I can understand how it would work physically and technologically. It would be very easy for a technologically advanced race, to control, a non-advanced race, on basically every level necessary for whichever realistic goal desired.

    There is one resource that earth has in abundance which might stand out making earth a viable target, water.

    Near earth, might be a nice place to hang out for a while, and if you wanted to hang out for a while, you might end up interacting with the natives. I imagine you might become infatuated with them the same way we are with animals in a zoo. For a race who has outlasted the other forms of life on their planet, and felt what it is like to live in a cold sterile environment void of the beauty of nature, earth would be a very attractive planet, and I see no reason why they wouldn't be compelled to want to stay close to it.

    Traveling to another solar system might take many years, and might sound dreadful to attempt when having already found something like earth.

    What would people do in this situation, I like to think we would have at least some interaction, or attempt at communicated with the natives. People know people couldn't cope with the idea, so perhaps the events would be translated into stories people can take in and be comfortable with, and perhaps religions are made.

    Perhaps they are immortal, perhaps part machine, perhaps they like the idea of seeing themselves as gods, and perhaps they like to control things.

    Perhaps they have meetings with people and establish plans and instructions for civilization building. Perhaps they instruct them how to keep the people under one authority, under one umbrella, with them as the eye on top of the pyramid.

    Basically, I can picture it, and I see it as realistic. Of course that only makes it a possibility. I find it an interesting possibility, and I find that while lacking evidence for, also lacking evidence against. So I wouldn't be surprised.
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    The Earth is nearly five billion years old, the human race with civilization, ancient artifacts (pyramids, stonehenge etc.) and memorised folk stories less than 10,000 years old.

    If 'ET' visited Earth why do you expect the visit to be in the last 10,000 years? If such a visit took place there would be a 0.999995 probability that it took place before we arrived on the scene.

    The only artifact that has lasted billions of years and retained some information from the early days is our genome. Perhaps we have been carrying a message from the stars along with us all the time hidden deep in our DNA.

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    If aliens visited any time in the past 3.8 billion years, they would have discovered that Earth harbored life and payed attention to it as the life evolved.
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    Well firstly people really need to stop commenting on what an alien lifeform would do if it had stubbled accross our little planet. Aside from that:

    OK? So what?

    I'm assuming that you are writing this as a defense of aliens coming and assisting ancient civilizations, as that is what this thread is about. Where are they now? They had amazing technology, only matched by what our imagination can concieve. Yet only taught us a few tricks of the trade for stone working and figured their work was finished so they went home... maybe went to help other lifeforms?
    Prior to leaving though they instructed these ancient civilizations to never record what had occured and to make it look as though they actually used different methods. That way when we advanced to a point in time where we could look back and deduce what had occured we would be tricked!

    Or possibly they were helping us out with what we were able to do on our OWN at the time as to not interfere with the natural cause of things... then their planet had been consumed by a massive war so they had to leave to defend their nation!?!?!

    In my personal opinion I think it would be much more likely that some God or maybe a team of Gods had tossed it together in order to laugh at humans in the future for not knowing how it was done.

    EDIT: Just to clarify on what I believe Garth is saying is that it's pretty unlikely that aliens had visited during the time period which human civilization has thrived. Even if by what you are saying they had visited and then decided to stay... It would strike me odd that they would stick around for the amount of time that it had taken for homo sapiens to arise and even more odd that they stuck around until homo sapiens developed great civilizations and only then decided to leave. I'm not saying they wouldn't, just that it would strike me as odd. Stick around observing a planet for thousands of years and when the greatest (call me biased) species begins to develop you decide it's no longer worth observing it's evolution???
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    I'm writing this to refute the comment:

    I'm saying that ET doesn't have to visit within the last 10,000 years to be here when the pyramids were built. I'm not implying anything more or less.
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    I'm confused, can you explain that?
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    Ok, I'll concede that aliens wouldn't have had to have visited in the last 10,000 years in order to have been here when the pyramids were built.

    I posed the question though of why they would have waited the potential thousands to millions of years only to leave and no longer mingle with life on Earth? Especially considering the fact that we are by far the most dominate (conciously doing so) species to ever occur on Earth, so assuming that they had in fact helped with the pyramids they would have noticed that we were EVERYWHERE and we were dominating. I think that for such an 'observing' type of alien, potentially learning or otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to me that they'd just vanish. As well as have no written evidence or historical accounts? (there may be and I have just never stumbled upon them yet)
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    You'll have to ask the believers of the "aliens build pyramids" theory about these things. However, there are reasons for leaving just as human civilization was beginning and written records came into resistance. A Prime-Directive-type policy could be one of those reasons. The aliens could have come to create human civilization, like in the novel "2001: A Space Odyssey". There are many possibilities.
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