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History Channel's Ancient Aliens

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    History Channel's "Ancient Aliens"

    I watched a few episodes of this after repeated requests from my friends ,i not really convinced by their theories but since my knowledge of physics is limited ,i might need some help in either dismissing or accepting their theories, i hope those who are reading this have know what i am talking about.

    With my little knowledge of biology i think i can completely dismiss the idea of aliens interbreeding with humans ,i am puzzled about how people in the ancient world managed to move rocks weighing 100's of tons or whatever ,i have seen a lot of internet jokes making fun of these theories and i am not sure whether i should laugh at all the theories or at only some of them.

    in one episode they said the inner chambers of the pyramid of Giza showed traces of HCl and some some kind of chemical reaction took place and that the pyramid was actually a power plant ,can this be atleast slightly true? and there are many more theories.

    http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens/articles/ancient-alien-theory][/PLAIN] [Broken]
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    [/PLAIN] [Broken]

    I've watched quite a few episodes - mostly to learn about places I've never heard of before. However, I find it a little silly that every episode concludes an underlying ancient alien involvement. If they want to be taken seriously, perhaps they should focus on their best case?
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    That program is UTTER horse manure, run by con men who cannot possibly be stupid enough to believe the garbage they spew. Its audience is conspiracy theory nut cases and the woefully ignorant, of which there are enough to guarantee advertisers for the show.
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    [/PLAIN] [Broken]

    No, none of it is true. If you want to see the kind of tricks Ancient Aliens uses to mislead people I have an excellent Youtube video for you.


    As I recall it doesn't go into the pyramid thing, but it does go through more than enough other claims to give you a firm idea as to how it operates. Very much worth your time to see.
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    [/PLAIN] [Broken]

    Ancient aliens is a beautiful show. And they should show it in every school. I mean it. It is beautiful because it clearly shows how deceptive the authors are. They use all kind of techniques to make you think that there is a problem where there actually is none.
    It is a prime example of how they can make you believe something that is not true. This is why they should show it in schools together with a detailed analysis of the techniques.

    Many of the things they say in ancient aliens are simply false. They are lies. Other things are omissions of the truth and wilfully misinterpreting everything.

    Please watch this It debunks most of the arguments of ancient aliens. I must warn you that this video is made by christians and is biased. But I think most of the information is correct. In any case, they show sources, so you can always investigate things on your own.

    After this, I would recommend you to read some things about how the media can be deceptive and how they can make you believe something that is not true. If you realize the techniques that are used, then you will be less susceptible to them.
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    I caught Ancient Aliens while channel surfing.

    One of the persons was talking about some ancient structure that represented a particle accelerator, but he was talking about a cyclotron while the image behind him was one of a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator, which is what the outline of the ancient structure vaguely resembled.

    I imagine that show is produced by non-scientists who are the least bit interested in reality or facts or truth.

    I cannot see any merit in the program, other than to explain to someone - "See that dog poop? Don't step in it!"
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    The video provided by aquitane and micromass is quite good at debunking the show's claims.

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    Jonathan Scott

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    I think that the vast majority of the "Ancient Alien" stuff on the TV and in books is rubbish.

    However, at the same time, I happen to think that it's the least implausible explanation for some of the things going on in the Bible and in some other ancient writings.

    Note that there's obviously no question biologically of interbreeding with aliens, but the creation stories that evolved into Genesis plus various other stories (see "The Genius of the Few" by Christian O'Brien) appear to suggest a more biogically plausible alternative.

    An alien visitor (nothing like any humanoid - perhaps described as a "lamb that had been slain" in Revelations) collected up some early humanoids then educated and improved them over some period of time (making them tall and long-lived).

    According to Enoch (and echoed in later writings about the levels of heaven) anyone going near the levels where the visitor lived had to be robed in white and anointed with something which had the effect of making them shine. Sounds like the visitor liked more ultra-violet and his visitors had to put on some sort of sun screen. They could be described as "shining ones", which would correspond to "Elohim" in the language of the old testament, a curiously plural term usually considered to refer to a singular god in the first part of Genesis.

    Some of these "Elohim" later wanted to go back, taking some technological stuff with them, and live off the land in a fertile valley. However, they soon got tired of manual labour and wanted someone else to do the work, while they could live as lords over them. They cross-bred their improved strain with the local humanoids to create man as a worker. As described in Genesis 6, there was also some interbreeding with the subsequent generations.

    The "Elohim" really want their alien visitor to come down and live with them, with all the technology and resources. However, the alien is rightly concerned about putting itself into a vulnerable situation.

    The "Elohim" later split up, taking technology with them (basically one flying saucer each, as described later by Ezekiel, possibly using some sort of nuclear power).

    One "lord of the Elohim" (which I think corresponds to the pair of words often spelt "Yahweh Elohim" at that stage in the bible) then tries to persuade his human contacts to help him tame his chosen people to create a sufficiently stable environment that the alien visitor will come down and live with them - and that's what the bible is mostly about, being largely literal rather than symbolic. He can do a few tricks with his flying saucer (pillar of cloud or fire, and various fire or light effects, such as midnight sunshine), and probably has some medical resources, but he is obviously very paranoid about catching diseases or other hazards.

    It's not clear quite how extended his lifespan might be, but it seems that either him or one of his descendants still has the flying saucer at the time of the New Testament, featuring physically as the star that appears to the wise men and the "glory of the lord" that appears to the shepherds.

    I wouldn't ask anyone to share the ridicule I've had for even entertaining such ideas, but personally I think it makes a lot more sense as a literal story than a lot of religious stuff.
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    Great. Do you have any evidence of this except mistranslating ancient texts?
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    :rofl:I think it's ok to watch it if you keep this in mind - again - they do visit some interesting places.
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    Gosh ... you've been ridiculed for having such ideas? I wonder why?
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    To sum up what everyone said, no serious person would believe a single word they spew out.
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    Well, I DID once hear the word "rock" and I think they WERE actually talking about a rock, but that WAS the only word I believed in that episode.

    Actually, I watch the show for maybe 1 minute or 2 at a time as I scan around looking for something to watch, and I frequently find it hilarious. The sad thing is that there are undoubtedly people who think they are serious.
  15. Apr 20, 2013 #14

    Jonathan Scott

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    Most of the story is based on the one principle that the stuff in the bible and other non-canonical but related books such as Enoch was incredibly important and impressive for certain people in the past, and that I can accept the possibility of intervention in human development by a visit from an alien (who would presumably however be totally unlike any earth creature). Given that this alien would obviously be considered a "god", much of the rest follows, except that one must not confuse the "sons of god" or "lords" who are actually improved humans with the alien itself.

    I only found out about the curious terms such as "elohim" much later, but that all fitted with the same story. People are describing things they don't understand, especially in Ezekiel and even more so in 2 Esdras - where the flying saucer turns out to be a helicopter. :smile: It seems that the alien story makes much of it literally true, with more overall consistency than religious interpretations.
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    I'm sure that if people find "Lord of the Rings" in 1000 years from now, that some might believe that we really had a war with a large eye. Just because a book says it doesn't make it true.

    Since you believe in it, you must have some concrete evidence other then "it's possible". So please, where is it?

    I really don't think that Ezekiel described a helicopter. That is your interpretation. It reminds me of people who believe in Nostradamus. They see something that has happened and they look at the texts for something that talks about it. Eventually, they'll find something. If Nostradamus would be legit, then we would find something before it happens.

    By the way, the video above talks about Ezekiel and his "helicopter". You should watch it. Although I doubt you'll change your mind.
  17. Apr 20, 2013 #16

    jim hardy

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    All commercial television is made with one intent foremost - to deliver you to the advertisement in a receptive frame of mind.

    With that in mind, start looking for the subliminal messages in advertising.
    Flo the pretty insurance girl with too much makeup appeals to non-aggressive young guys, the type an auto insurer likes to cover.
    If you buy diet soft drinks you too will look great in a bikini and play volleyball on the beach with hunks.
    Certain beer brands make you an elder statesman tower of strength type who keeps a wildcat , which is probably a sexual fantasy catwoman allegory . ( no disrespect to Julie Newmar intended - jh)
    Certain trucks will elevate your macho above that of bikers.
    Toyota ads are largely made in the Southwest and their logo looks like a cowboy hat- forget it's a foreign car company.
    Nissan ads similarly feature New England scenes.

    I don't watch Ancient Aliens but I would guess it's aimed at credulous, suggestible personality types. See if you pick up any particular themes in their advertising.

    The games people play, eh ? It's the only way I can tolerate the commercials.

    When they find an electronic calculator or a turbine rotor fossilized in a coal seam i'll change my opinion.
    Even the Antikythera mechanism was duplicated with hand tools. It does confirm that some old astronomer was very precise in his measurements, though, and he had a clever friend who was mechanically inclined.
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    Unfortunately the current and all future seasons of Ancient Aliens has been moved to their subscription channel H2, The History channel will only have reruns of the first few seasons.
  19. Apr 20, 2013 #18

    A bunch of episodes were posted on various Youtube channels and I'm pretty sure Hulu has some available as well.
  20. Apr 21, 2013 #19
    To me Ancient Aliens looks like a show that suggests (though generally far-fetched) possible answers to things which we do not have definite answers to. But almost all of the stuff suggested there is most likely wrong.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I'm not saying it's proven to be true, nor that I've ruled out alternatives. It's simply that of various explanations I've encountered, this one seems to fit significantly better than others at the moment.

    If alien visitors are possible at all, they are of course unlikely to be able to visit other worlds very often and the statistical chance of them just happening to be around at a critical point in human pre-history may seem vanishingly small. However, if they are actually responsible for triggering the start of civilisation in a humanoid population that would otherwise have continued to evolve very slowly, then that removes the issue of coincidence.

    Apart from that, it's 2 Esdras which describes a helicopter, with wings that come out from one side, "rule across the whole earth" slowly, then vanish on the other side, being followed by new ones, getting faster and faster until they can't be seen any more! It extends to Ezekiel by the fact that what Ezra is seeing appears to be the same thing Ezekiel described (in completely different terms) but as seen from near one corner.
  22. Apr 21, 2013 #21
    Actually, most of the "mysteries" in ancient aliens are not mysteries at all and are things that scholars know the answers to. In their show, they never show somebody who is a proponent of the mainstream view, I think that's very telling.

    And I'm sorry, but if you think that the answers that the show suggest are "likely", then I'm afraid you have no knowledge of history or science.
  23. Apr 21, 2013 #22
    Sorry if you understood me. I don't mean them to be likely. But I don't like to call SOME things as being utter crackpot.
  24. Apr 21, 2013 #23
    Oops... I see my post... The phrasing is terrible. Have to edit.
  25. Apr 21, 2013 #24
    Explanations for what exactly?? What does this theory fit exactly that the mainstream theory does not? The passage with the helicopter (see below)? Is that passage your only reason to reject the mainstream theory? If not, I would like to hear your other explanations.

    Well, that would defeat the theory of evolution, which states that humanoids did evolve into man without any genetic engineering. And there is evidence enough for that theory (unlike your theory, may I add).

    Are you talking about this? http://www.biblestudytools.com/gnta/2-esdras/11.html Seriously? I'll admit I don't know much about bible symbolism, but I think it's pretty clear here. The wings represent kingdoms and rulers who start ruling from beginning to end. The upshot is that next chapter, the symbolism is explained as exactly that!
  26. Apr 21, 2013 #25
    Yes, the government should teach us how to resist propaganda. Oh, wait....

    Please don't tell them I said nothing. I got a wife and kid's, for Crhissakes...
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