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Aluminum alloy Grains, Which alloy is it?

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    Hey guys

    I need a little help trying to identify or getting a good conclusion of what kind of aluminum I have here. These aluminum was grind and finally polished with aluminum oxide of 3 microns. After the etching of the alloy with Keller's Reagent for a couple of seconds we took the following photos at a 11.88 amplification (.66 of the lens and 18 of the camera).

    I think is a 2xxx aluminum, (comparison made with other micro-photos), cold worked (extrusion or cold rolling).

    The grain size (according to the ASTM E-112) for the 66x18,2,,1.JPG image is 2.37, for the 1x18,3,2.JPG 3.1695 and for the ,66x18x4.JPG 5.25

    Any help???


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    Any idea?
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