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  1. M

    Chemical Composition of nickel alloy

    I ask the foundry to cast nickel alloys and I took a piece metal to do a chemical test. The element composition of the nickel alloy is Ni 70% Cr 12% Fe 1.2% Mo far they all are in the allowable range. But I found the alloy also contains W 0.004% ! Is this the normal condition ? ? I...
  2. Quentin_alex

    Discontinuous yielding in a low alloy steel

    What could prevent the discontinuous yield (upper and lower) points during a tensile test on a low alloy steel A706 grade? Thanks.
  3. T

    Finding thermodynamic properties for a Zn-Mg Alloy

    Hi! I am using a Zn-Mg alloy (52% and 48% respectively) as a phase change material in a thermal energy storage system, but I have been unable to track down important properties, such as specific heats and thermal conductivity. Is there any way to approximate these relatively accurately given...
  4. N

    Searching for an alloy

    Hello everyone I've got a youtube channel with the science behind games. And because of that, I'm in search for an alloy with the following properties: - It needs to be an alloy of at least three metals - At least one of them must have a greenish flame color, a bluish flame color, and a red...
  5. M

    Digestion of Pb-alloy for ICP-OES analysis

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a disgestion procedure of Pb-alloy, so that we can measure the elements with ICP-OES. Pb should be removed, that it doesn't contaminate the system. So far we used HCl for digestion, but the results weren't very good. Elements of interest are: Sn Sb Bi Cu Cd As...
  6. U

    Approximate mass of special alloys in a nuclear reactor?

    Approximately, what is the total mass of these materials that is contained in a "typical" Gen III or III+ PWR (e.g., EPR, AP1000...)? 1/ Zr alloy (fuel cladding and other assembly components)? 2/ Ag-In-Cd alloy (control rods)? 3/ Gd (burnable neutron absorber)? 4/ Ni-based alloys? 5/ Stainless...
  7. M

    What is differential of Alloy and MMC?

    We can find differential of alloy and composite. MMC is came from 2 differential of metal, one from it aren't melting same as producing alloy. but there are might produce new reaction. ex: C with Fe, the name is carbon steel. the nano-composite just too, but the particle aren't big, and the size...