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Admissions Am I competitive enough for medical physics acceptance?

  1. Aug 10, 2017 #1
    I am heading into my senior year at the University of Michigan studying nuclear engineering with a focus on health physics. I would like to go to grad school to pursue a master in medical physics at a CAMPEP accredited school. My GPA is a tad low, so Im afraid that I wont even have a shot at getting in. My info is posted below.
    GPA: 3.2
    GRE: 159 verbal 163 Quant
    Relevant Courses: EM, quantum, modern physics and lab, waves and light(Physics minor), two semesters of bio and chem, electrical circuits, and two grad level courses in radiation biology.

    Im currently working under one of my professors in the radiation health physics lab designing radiation detectors. She would be willing to write me a great letter of rec. Shes relatively famous in her field and was at one time the director of the health physics society and a medical physics program. Thats my only solid reference.

    What are my odds of getting in at a decent program? Thanks
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    I'm not sure anyone can give you a quantitative answer on something like this. You probably already know that most medical physics programs are quite competitive. In our program, the students who are offered admission usually have a GPA of about 3.5 or greater and some research experience.

    That said, it's not unreasonable for you to get in to a good program somewhere. Your research experience and a decent reference letter from someone well-known in the field will definitely help. Having done well in graduate radiobiology classes will also help. And programs will calculate the GPA in different ways too. Upward trends and high marks in challenging classes will also help in this respect.
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