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Admissions Grad schools acceptance with a low GPA

Hello everyone,

I currently have a 2.8 GPA after my sophomore year. I am working towards getting my BS in Physics with two minors, Computer Science and Mathematics. I know that my GPA is low to get into Grad school at this moment but I believe that I will be able to pull the GPA up to a 3.3 by the time I graduate undergrad. This is because my GPA has trended upwards (after the first semester I had a 2.4) and I have learned how to study in order for myself to retain the most information in the courses. I also have a 3.0 GPA in Physics. I have not yet decided if I want to go for a PhD or just Masters.

My interest in fields of study are Particle Physics, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Engineering, Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics.

I was wondering if having a GPA of 3.3 with an upward trend looks good to Grad schools. Is having two minors like the ones I have strengthening or weakening my acceptance possibility. What score on the GRE should I obtain to help me get into grad schools. I am from America but also am interested in Grad Schools over seas as well so I was wondering how an American base education differs from a European or Asian base education.

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Grad school admissions is a total package. The biggest factors are undergrad GPA, reputation of undergrad school, GRE subject score, letters of recommendation, and research experience.

A 3.3 GPA from Ga Tech, Ohio State, or Texas A&M will be more impressive than a 3.3 GPA from Western Carolina University or McNeese State.

I'm mentoring one student now with a 3.3 GPA. But it's from a top 50 school, they have a record of peer-reviewed publications, outstanding recommendation letters, and REU experience. I expect this student will get into a number of grad schools ranked between 20 and 50 in the US, but perhaps not all of the higher ranked ones applied to.

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