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Am I too old to pursue a physics degree/ UF vs Florida Tech?

  1. Sep 2, 2013 #1
    I have been going back and forth between pursuing a degree in physics or ee. A recent opportunity is making me decide a year sooner than I had planned. I will be 35 yr old when I finish my B.S. and plan to pursue a M.S. in whichever I decide. Will I be considered too old by employers in the physics field? The courses aren't a concern but I don't want a degree in a field that I couldn't find employment in. Also, University of Florida or Florida Institute of Technology? I live very close to FIT and they claim to have really good research opportunities. I've also heard good things about UF. I've also critics of the schools. Anyone have any current knowledge regarding which has the better program? Thanks for any help.
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    People can always make up *appropriate* reasons to not offer you a job. They do have selective criteria to employ someone into some position (i.e if they discriminate ages, they never publicly say their candidates are too old). The only thing you might find it hard is to fit yourself in a crowd of whose ages are 10-15 years younger than you while they are offered the same or even higher salary and the same tasks as you are. Some people may claim it is Ok, fine whatever as long as they can get the money. But time they spend working with them, there will be unspoken/indescribable psychological issues in such an environment. If you are worried, then I think you can work and study at the same time. Someone tells me that our lifespan is expected to reach more than 60 but everyone I meet agrees that 30 is the peak we stand to start climbing downhill. It is not important where you are qualified your degree anymore, I guess it is your work and above all (I personally prefer) social life experience that helps you stand out from the crowd.
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