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Americans clean up in best beers in the world 2009 list

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    I thought Americans made watered down crap?


    As it has been for the last 8 years, RateBeer Best was again the largest beer competition in the world -- over 1.97 million reviews of 91,000 beers from over 8700 brewers worldwide were tallied. A particular emphasis was placed on tastings from the last year's performance. Additionally, brewpubs, bottle shops, restaurants and bars around the world were awarded prizes. Cheers to all the winners and to everyone who keeps the magical world of craft beer growing!

    RateBeer is now home to the most experienced beer critics in the world with three master beer tasters having over 11,000 documented beer ratings. Additionally, over 2700 RateBeer members have over 100 ratings each.

    90% of RateBeer's top 10 raters are from outside the United States. The depth and breadth of RateBeer's beer database is unsurpassed.

    RateBeer Best is a beer competition unique in its independence -- it is unsupported by big brewers and distributors.

    Unlike other beer contests, the emphasis was largely placed on tasting commercial samples -- not special batches prepared for festivals. Additionally, most beers were not tasted in large flights, allowing a more reliable and accurate account of the beer.
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    Yay for WI New Glarus!
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    So these reviewers tried all of them?
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    Trying to figure out how to get that job, huh? :biggrin:

    I think Cyrus was trying out for the job with his daily beer reviews.
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    Exactly. Maybe he should be nominated for best PF beer taster. He'd have my vote.
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    There are a lot of micro breweries all of the country. Its the mass produced stuff that is primarily watered down crap. Or were you being facetious?
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