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Ammount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced

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    Is there anyway to find out or approximate how much carbon dioxide a person produces per day, how much oxygen does a plant produce per day. And do different species of plants produce different amounts of oxygen?
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    Not knowing offhand I just googled and the first thing that came up seems OK. http://100777.com/node/1278
    If that is known there must obviously be experimental methods to determine it. Not hard to imagine methods to measure a person's current oxygen consumption.
    Lots of ongoing research for more complicated things, sports medicine etc.
    I have seen a calorimeter where they shut a person in for even 24h and measure that, heat production and lots of other stuff over the period.
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    The amount of carbon dioxide given off per human per day


    Amount of oxygen


    And another estimate considers the percent of oxygen expelled back into the air along with the carbon dioxide.

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