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Carbon dioxide & oxygen balance

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    Green Plants do Photosynthesis in day during presence of sunlight and intake C02 to produce O2.
    In night, Plants do respiration and intake 02 to produce C02.
    If there will be no animal then Green plants will survive ?
    Because Earth is like ball, Plants will do photosynthesis=respiration (day=night) and produce oxygen=carbon dioxide.
    Then from where the oxygen we use comes, and CO2 we release goes ?
    I will be thankful to you if you answer me or find my mistake.
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    The amount of CO2 given off by the plant during cellular respiration does not equal the amount of O2 given off during photosynthesis. Only about 40% of the carbon dioxide taken in during the day is given off at night by the plant. The rest is turned into other organic compounds, such as cellulose, to build body structures. In other words, a lot of the carbon is used by the plant to grow larger.

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    Thank you
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