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Amount of energy required to evaporate 1 liter if water through scheffler dish

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    Our company is planning to setup a scheffler system to evaporate 9 lakh liters of "waste water" per day.

    I just want to know that how much energy would it take to evaporate 1 liter of water.

    According to "latent heat of vaporization of water" it would take around 0.62 kWh/liter but I'm not sure...please help!
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    From an ideal standpoint, it will be both heat of vaporization plus the heat required to raise the water to 100°C. The only google hit I can find on Scheffler water systems is this thread, so I can't help you any more.
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    I know that "both heat of vaporization plus the heat required to raise the water to 100°C" but the energy required to raise the water to 100°C contributes just 5% of the total requirement
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    If that is true then it will take 20(1000 calories) times the number of degrees (100-T beginning)
    20000 (100 - temp of waste water in celsius) in calories
    If you take that number and multiply by 3.968 you will have BTUs
    You can multiply BTUs by 0.000293 for kilowatt hours.
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