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Ampere's Law and straight wires

  1. Apr 6, 2010 #1
    The figure below shows two long, straight wires in the xy plane and parallel to the x axis. One wire is at y = −6.0 cm and the other wire is at y = +6.0 cm. The current in each wire is 19 A. If the currents are both in the −x direction, find the magnetic field at the following points on the y axis.


    (a) y = −3.7 cm


    -{(mu_o)I/2pi(distance-point)}+{(mu_o)I/2pi(distance+point)}, so the answer should be negative

    My answer is somewhere around -.12602 T, which is wrong. Please help!
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    Show your calculations.
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    I found my error. Thank you for replying.
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