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An 11th grade student needs ur help.

  1. Nov 15, 2008 #1
    hi every1 o:)

    i'm an 11th grader (specialized in Science :cool: ) and have started school about 5 weeks ago.

    i love being a Science student :!!) , i've always loved Science including Mathematics.

    Physics used 2 b my favorite subject but lately it became not :cry:
    cuz my Physics teacher makes it harder and i dont know why i feel that he dosent stand me :grumpy:
    hating Physics is effecting me so much, i'm an excellent student in Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics and being not good in Physics makes me feel stupid :cry::cry:

    i understand Physics but when it comes to solving problems i lose it and i'm talking specifically about the second law of motion problems they're driving me crazy :cry: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish they were as easy as going shopping after Physics class but what can i say ?!!!! :frown::uhh:

    do u have any suggestions that could help me get it and love it again?? :rolleyes:

    thank u guys
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    Chi Meson

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    It appears that English is not your first language, correct?

    This may be much of the problem. Understanding Physics conceptually is of highest importance. Many teachers themselves do not understand that the correct parts of speech (adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions) are extremely important.

    Try posting some of your questions/problems on the homework help forum . please notice the forum guidelines before you do.

    Can you tell us which text book you are using?
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    thank u Chi 4 passing by..
    u r right English is my second language. and my teacher isn't a native speaker either so yes this could be part of the problem though most of the concepts are already translated but yet that is not enough especially for a student like me :cry:

    i'm done doing my homework and 2day's homework wasn't that difficult i have solved it very easily i actually feel more confidant now :biggrin:

    the textbook was given 2 me by the school as i can see there is no name on it, all i can see is the school's name + the teacher's

    i'll probably post some problems 2morow, 2morow's lesson is about the thired law
    and i've heared that it's the most difficult one :frown:

    thanks again!
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    You also need to relax a bit and not take it too seriously. The more you stress yourself out on something that requires you thinking on your toes, the greater the chance of you performing poorly. Relax. You'll find it easier.
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    If you're doing well in your other science classes and your Math class, then the formulas aren't the difficulty. How to apply them to the particular problem might be.

    A lot of your motion problems are a lot easier if you draw them out on paper - what direction the forces are going, etc.
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    Chi Meson

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    And work on your communication in English.

    Specifically, knock off the texting short hand (Its gud e nuf 4 u, but we do not care for that here). You will think better if you use the language correctly.
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