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An actual first-order formulation of ZFC?

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    Can someone point me to a first-order axiomatization of ZFC?

    As I've mostly seen ZFC expressed in higher-order logics.
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    ZFC is a first order theory, where have you been seeing second order formulations? I'm sure every one of the top Google results for "ZFC axioms" will give you a first order formulation. In particular, Wikipedia.
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    The higher-order axioms are replaced with axiom schema. e.g. the axiom schema of subsets is collection of statements
    {x in A | P(x)} is a set,​
    one for every unary predicate P in the language of first-order set theory.

    First-order ZFC requires infinitely many axioms to specify. First-order NBG, however, is an 'equivalent' set theory in an important sense, but only requires finitely many axioms.
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