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Analytical Chemistry, Introductory

  1. Mar 7, 2008 #1
    It may seem that I will be taking an analytical chemistry course for my major in Biotechnology, and I have never really taken an analytical chemistry course. I have probably studied the topics in regular chemistry courses but I am unaware as to what exactly this course teaches or the topic(s) it covers.

    But aside from that I was wondering if you could recommend some books that I could use to get a head start, get some understanding of the topic and practice any forms of problem questions that might appear in the course.

    I have also heard that such courses are tough, but seeing as I need it I would love to ace it so I really do want to get a head start. Thanks for the help.
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    Anyone got any help please?
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    BioCore, with the concern you have about not yet having taken any analytical chemistry course, any laboratory experience in analytical chemical methods would help you. Chances are that most of the other students who will attend your same course of analytical chemistry also have not taken an analytical chem course previously, and likely have not had more lab experience in general than you have.

    If you have real-life experience with chromatography or spectroscopy or extractions, then you have a start. By "real-life experience", I mean research experience or any employed lab experience in analytical work.

    One thing you should prepare for is review your quadratic equation and logarithm skills. You will need them for weak acid-base equilibria, and for electrochemistry.
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    I see, well my quadratic skills are pretty good although I will need to review a bit more and as for logarithm skills I will definitely need to prepare those more. From your experience symbolipoint, would you say that these courses are usually centered more around lab work and lab reports, or do they tend to equal it out with work problems from textbooks?
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