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Anchor a tube on earth and slope it all the way into space

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    All right, I know I'll make an azz of myself with all the big brains around but I have to know. (My physics knowledge is at a high school level so please forgive my ignorance)

    I we were to anchor a tube on earth and slope it all the way into space, would anything happen? Has there been experiments? Theories?

    Just my stoner brain I guess :)

    Thanks guys!
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    Re: Spacetube

    The only thing that would happen is that you'd have a very long tube sticking out of the atmosphere. There would be no flow of air through the tube for the same reson that the atmosphere doesn't blow away into space: gravity. The pressure difference between the top and the bottom is exactly offset by the force of of gravity so the net flow is zero.
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    Re: Spacetube

    If you make the tube exactly the right length, you'll get a space elevator:


    but without the elevator :rofl:
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    Re: Spacetube

    Thanks a lot neg. Makes a lot of sense (even to me) :tongue2:

    Great link, ideasr. Go nanotubes...want to see that elevator built in my lifetime.
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