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Angled take off adapters (distallation aparatus)

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    I recently built my first distallation aparatus and in the process bought a few 105 bend take off adapter, however the angle isnt quite right and i cannot seem to source a 24/40 bent adapter/connector of any other angle! Is it just ebay/aliexpress or is 105 standard or something?

    I am about to try heating one up with a butane torch to adjust the angle, but figured i would ask first. I would have thought you ciuld get a variety of angles, but I am at a loss to find one.
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    Why not try the local DIY Store and search in the plumbing section, there you will find all sorts of copper or stainless steel bends which you could fit together.
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    scoured ebay and aliexpress, there are many types, but I cannot find any 24/40's in anything other than a 105 dgr bend, it just strikes me as weird, I was hoping a lab chemist could explain the reason they are so common, because they dont create right angles anywhere. Its not a huge deal, its just a few degrees off what I need. I am sure if I went to a big domestic science supply store I might find some additional options, but for sure I will end up paying through the nose. For now, I will try my hand at glass blowing, lol.
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    Try putting Lab glasware in google, or Pyrex Lab glass, they have 90 bends and all sorts of goodies..

    have fun with the glass blowing !
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