What is Adapter: Definition and 52 Discussions

An adapter or adaptor is a device that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system. Some modify power or signal attributes, while others merely adapt the physical form of one connector to another.

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  1. DagmaarUlereich

    Outlet adapter to mimic a car battery to power 12V devices

    Sorry if this is a very simple question but i have been googling and looking around for a straight anwser but can seem to find a solid answere or draw a solid conclusion from information I've reached. So I have a rgb led light for a car, the box says input 12vDC. if I wanted to set these up...
  2. Wrichik Basu

    Problems with a USB network adapter for a PC

    Frequent visitors of this forum will remember my previous thread where I mentioned an issue with the USB LAN adapter in our desktop - it used to disconnect automatically from the net. We could narrow down to the fact that the problem occurred only when we were downloading large files (>= 800...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter keeps disconnecting from the Internet

    Recently I installed a https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NVN1WQK/?tag=pfamazon01-20 on our PC running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The driver software that I installed is RD9700 USB to ethernet adapter driver. The problem: Every time the computer boots, the internet is accessible. I wait...
  4. S

    Is a "USB3 A Female" to "Micro B Male" OTG adapter w/ 5gbps data possible?

    Is it possible for a USB A 3.0 Female to Micro B Male OTG adapter to transfer data from the USB 3.0 source to the Micro B source at 5gbps speeds, and can the Micro B receive and process all of that data from it's Micro B port? Here's a link to the device, and a picture from it that claims this...
  5. E

    How do adapters work? (SATA to USB, or VGA to HDMI)

    Does adapters (exp: SATA to USB or VGA to hdmi) work with special softwares for conversion or are they only electronic circuits which gets and directs input signals to correct output pins?
  6. TechTree

    Is power lost in an AC adapter?

    Hello, so I'm rather new here and I was wondering when I plug a USB device into an AC adapter, such as a phone how does it output exactly 5.2V and 2A? I'm aware that it goes through a transformer and rectifier but I heard somewhere that when the voltage is reduced the current is increased? Does...
  7. Y

    Where Can I Find a Step-Up Adapter for 12V to 400V Charging?

    Good day. I'm looking for designing/purchasing a step up adapter with the capability of stepping up a 12v battery source (like a car battery) to 400v for the purpose of charging a 1800uf, 450v, capacitors to 400v. Can you point me to the right direction? Thanks.
  8. pairofstrings

    Establish connection between web app and stand-alone app

    Homework Statement Transfer data from stand-alone application written in C/++/# to web application written in C#.NET. Transfer data from web application written in C#.NET to stand-alone application written in C/++/#. Homework Equations The stand-alone application runs on my PC and the web...
  9. B

    Angled take off adapters (distallation aparatus)

    I recently built my first distallation apparatus and in the process bought a few 105 bend take off adapter, however the angle isn't quite right and i cannot seem to source a 24/40 bent adapter/connector of any other angle! Is it just ebay/aliexpress or is 105 standard or something? I am...
  10. perplexabot

    12VDC/2A power adapter to power two systems?

    Hey! So I have a raspberry pi that uses 5V/1.2A and a LCD monitor that uses 12v/0.2A. I would like to power both using a single wall power outlet. I found a power adapter that converts 100-240VAC/50-60Hz/1.2A to 12VDC/2A. I was wondering if it is as easy as cutting off the connector on the...
  11. Greg Bernhardt

    Looking for an adapter to connect two different plugs

    I got a neighbor who has an outdoor Christmas decoration. It's 20 years old and the power supply went bad. So we bought a new one that was said to be compatible. The specs were the same, but the connections were different. I'm wondering if there is a way via an adapter/converter to attach or...
  12. M

    MAC adapter and presentation pointer

    Hi PF! Every time I try to present something from my MacBook I never have an adapter and someone else provides one. Any suggestions on brands? I was thinking of a VGA adapter since that's what seems to be popular. Also, any brands regarding presentation pointers? Thanks!
  13. anorlunda

    How can a PC detect the AC adapter brand?

    When I booted my laptop today, I saw a strange message for the first time. "Your AC adapter is not a Dell product. To continue, connect to a Dell brand adapter." My adapter is a Dell, so I unplugged, re-plugged, and it worked OK. I find this behavior by manufacturers offensive, but at the...
  14. N

    Howto set Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter as default

    Dear Group, I just set up a Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter using administration command prompt, its function as wifi hot spot, so the other devices could use this hot spot for the internet. ( ) But whenever I shutdown the computer and turn it on, I can not find it, I have to...
  15. S

    I am looking for advice on replacing my radio adapter

    Hi there I recently lost the adapter for my radio. On the back of my radio, it says "INPUT: DC 5.9V --- 0.8A". So I am guessing I need an adapter that has an OUTPUT of DC 5.9V and 0.8A to match... . The only problem is having done a quick search online, the closest adapter I can find has an...
  16. S

    Is the Transformer in My Adapter Damaged? A Question for Physics Assignment

    Hi guys, I am rather new here and would like to pose a question about transformers. As physics assignment I am supposed to make a model of an AC transformer, for which I grabbed an AC/AC step down adapter (something like these here...
  17. J

    What adapter do I need before moving to America?

    Hello, I don't know if this question is appropriate for the forum, but I didn't know where else to ask. This is my situation: I'm soon moving to America and I'm taking my Sony Vaio laptop with me. In its battery the laptop says it works with 100V-240V and 50/60Hz which means that it will be...
  18. Nugatory

    Odd multimeter readings with AC->DC wall adapter

    Is there any reason why my basic Radio Shack multimeter might consistently read high when I use it to test the output voltage of an AC->DC wall adapter? I try it on a 4.5V adapter rated for a few hundred mA and it reads close to 10V... I try it on a 6V one and it reads around 12V... but then...
  19. K

    Calculate Energy consumption by the adapter from its rating

    I want to calculate the total energy consumed by my lan switch in one month. It has a AC adapter with rating--> Input = 100-240V ~ 0.6A Output = 5V - 1500 mA Note:First I will calculate in joules then convert it in kWh. At first, i was considering calculating using the input rating so the...
  20. U

    Choosing the right material for milling holder adapter

    Hello. There is an adapter here in our workshop for milling holder BT shanks (that converts for example BT-60 to BT-40). We have decided to build a new one according to the sample. The surface hardness is about 60 HRC, we tested the material for analysis and it was 1.8519 (31CrMov9)...
  21. S

    Sending signals from laptop wifi adapter?

    From what I understand, laptops have a wireless adapter that sends radio signals at a specific frequency to connect to a wifi router. My guess is that the wireless adapter is some sort of radio wave emitter/reciever, and could in theory be used for any other purpose besides connecting to a...
  22. Sir Physics

    Wall Adapter Question: How is 1A Output Possible?

    Hey guys and gals - I was constructing a circuit yesterday and a question developed in my mind. Power out of an outlet is about 120 VAC at like 20 amps as most all of you probably know. So if current MUST increase when voltage decreases how are there wall adapters that only put out 1 amp when it...
  23. M

    Is a 12V car battery more powerful than a 12V power adapter?

    I'm confused about the relationship between the voltages of different power sources. Since a car battery is more powerful than an adapter and both are known to have output of 12 Volts, what can be said about how much power is consumed by the devices running on 12V? Will the same amount of...
  24. A

    Where Can I Find a Surface Mount to DIP Adapter for a Custom Part?

    I'm trying to find a surface mount to DIP adapter for a custom part. The length between the two surface mount contacts is about 4.40mm. I attached a simple drawing of the part. I'm having a hard time finding a DIP adpater because the part is custom made and I was wondering if anyone knows an...
  25. A

    Find out polarity of device for using ac-dc adapter

    I have a audio recorder (Edirol R-09HR High-Resolution WAVE/MP3 Recorder) need to use ac-dc adapter. There is no any marker to tell me polarity of input in this device. (I check the adapter from amazon.com for this device which I do not have, there is no marker as well) I have a Radio-Shack...
  26. S

    Is it normal for a laptop power adapter to be hot

    I bought a ravpower brand laptop power adapter half year ago,it works well before,but this week i find it will become very hot,I don't know why.But I am thinking maybe it is relative with the time of using or the voltage?Or some other problem?Sometimes I play games for all day and I have a bad...
  27. F

    Charging a computer: power adapter output

    Hello Forum, I have a MacPro Apple computer. I just got a new power adapter rated 85 W. Does it mean that the computer is always drawing 85 W of power does is the power delivered depend on how many programs are open, etc...? thanks fisico30
  28. N

    Amp dangers from a universal power supply adapter

    I have a treadmill that has a display monitor that uses either 4 D cell batteries or an optional adaptor. The back of the monitor states it uses a 6v 1.66-2.0a/max input. I purchases a universal power adaptor that has a fixed amp rating of 3 (6v obviously is an option). The question is: what...
  29. G

    Understanding Power Supply and Ethernet Adapter Wiring: A Guide"

    I'm trying to hook up my power supply to I/O Ethernet Adapter, and am getting confused with the wiring terminology. The power supply is 24V DC (+/- terminals) and the Ethernet Adapter has NC, Chassis Ground, Common (C), and V (Supply). I guess I am getting confused with what exactly Common...
  30. W

    Small electric motor that can be plugged into a car power adapter

    I am trying to find a small electric motor that be powered by plugging it into a car power adapter. I am trying to power a spinning shaft off of it that will need a fair amount of power. Meaning enough to spin a brush.
  31. A

    I want to make a DC adapter which outputs 13.5V 6AMP

    Any links or suggestions would be really helpful. I have a basic understanding about transformers, bridge rectifier & capacitor. I need help in shopping what transformer, diodes & capacitors should i buy. I tried to search online but couldn't find any. Adapter Specs IN> AC:100v-240v OUT>...
  32. B

    Understanding a Nintendo AC 220V to 24V 550mA DC Adapter

    Hello, I have this old Nintendo AC 220 V to 24 V 550 mA DC. it has this one full line followed below with dotted ones. Can you help me read this? And how do these adapters behave. Do they ALWAYS give 550 mA, no matter how much voltage drop is connected to the end? I am thinking...
  33. R

    Second moment of area of Launch Vehicle adapter model

    I'm designing a model launch vehicle adapter (hollow truncated cone) with top diameter 60mm and lower diameter 80mm with a height of 1000mm. The skin thickness vary between options of 1.2mm 1.5mm and 2mm and I am trying to identify natural frequency. The issue is with second moment of inertia I...
  34. J

    Replicating 2 dcell batteries with a power adapter

    im new to finding this site and sorry for the lame question.. I am just a tinkerer and in need of some info..im working on a project that uses 2 d-cell batteries in series as a power source. so i thought id get a power adapter to save on buying batteries sounds easy ? hardley for me, 2x d-cell...
  35. P

    Efficient AC Adapter Circuit for Battery-Powered Devices

    I'd like to stick an ac adapter onto a circuit such that when the adapter is plugged in it runs on the ac adapter, but when it isn't plugged in it runs on batteries. Anyone know of a quick elegant solution? I'm sure these circuits get made all the time, but I can't seem to find any! I'm...
  36. F

    What data is needed to calculate the power of an AC adapter for forklifts?

    Hi Everyone, It is great to be here. I have a problem concerning the estimation of power of AC Adapters that are used for the charging Forklifts batteries. What data would I need to calculate the Power of such charger / inverter ? Thanks, Marcin.
  37. E

    Keyboard ac adapter problem

    Hi My GEM PK5(keyboard) ac adapter broke down. I used an alternative ac adapter on 12 volts but the whole keyboard shuts off and then on everytime I play on the keyboard when the volume is high enough. The original keyboard is big in size and the alternative ac adapter i used is small I am not...
  38. D

    Power usage of LED light using AC adapter

    I have a question about how much power I’m using to run a LED light that I modified to run off an AC-DC adapter instead of 3 AAA alkaline batteries. The light is a Sylvania Lighting Dot It Black Led Swivel, which uses about 1/4 of a watt (4.5 V X 54.7mA) on batteries. The light would dim...
  39. DaveC426913

    Can You Convert a 2.5mm Phone Jack to Dual 3.5mm Jacks?

    My cordless phone (No not a cell phone, this is a landline. They still exist, you young whippersnappers.) worked with a head set thus: http://www.maxiaids.com/ProdImages/9700750.jpg which has a 2.5mm jack. (It looks like a stereo jack i.e. three contacts but of course, it won't be stereo, it...
  40. D

    VGA Adapter Fire Incident: Possible Causes and Prevention Tips

    I came into work this morning and someone had started to plug their monitor into their laptop via VGA port and it caught fire for a moment, burnt the metal a bit and the internals. A vga cable is only 5v and 5ma, how is this possible? The laptop was running only off the battery which still had...
  41. O

    Adapter? Converter? Inverter? Help

    Hello. I'm new here. I just discovered this fora thru Google and was hoping someone could help me. It will be obvious in a second that I'm not an engineer, so please pardon the silly/simple question: I have a device that was built for a car/RV that I want to run at home. (It's a...
  42. A

    Can I use a 1.3A adapter instead of a 1.0A for my device?

    [SOLVED] 1.0 or 1.3A adapter problems? Hi everyone! I didn't know where to post this question so I posted it here. I have a unit that needs an adapter with the following stats: INPUT AC 220V 50Hz 17W OUTPUT AC 9V 1A It is completely impossible for me to find such an adapter. I've searched...
  43. C

    Wireless cardbus adapter drivers

    [SOLVED] wireless cardbus adapter drivers Yesterday I bought a D-link DWA-645 wireless cardbus adapter and having troubles getting the drivers sorted out. My machine is a portable with ubuntu 7.10 on it (dual boot with XP) I used madwifi but got stuck in the "Loading the MadWifi Module" part...
  44. cepheid

    Can I Use a Different AC Adapter on My UK Device?

    If I have a device from the UK, and on its AC adapter, it says that on 'sec' (presumably referring to the secondary winding of the transformer), the output is as follows: 12 V 1500 mA 18VA My question is as follows...if I don't have an adapter for the UK style plug at this...
  45. W

    Electrical Powering 10 Lasers with a 6V 500mA Adapter

    Hello to all, I need to be able to power 10 laser pointers at the same time all running from one adapter. Each laser is normally powered by 3 LR44 batteries, which are 1.5v each (I don't know how many amps). The DC adapter ill be using for the project is 6v and 500 mA. Is that...
  46. Simfish

    USB to FireWire Adapter: Do They Exist & Are They Reliable?

    So I just bought a Lacie external hard drive. Problem is - my laptop doesn't have firewire - and my external hard drive only has a firewire port. So do good USB/firewire adapters exist? I searched on the Internet for some - but there don't seem to be many of them. Does the adapter allow a...
  47. A

    Network adapter behaves strangely

    My laptop has an integrated Intel gigabit network adapter. I get internet from a cable modem through a CAT5 shielded cable. The problem is that sometimes the connection drops and the computer freezes, and after a few moments the "network cable is unplugged" icon appears. Then I press...
  48. F

    How can I make Stepmania read serial data from a game cube to USB adapter?

    ok i wasnt sure which forum to place this in so I am putting it here now. I am currently trying to help my boyfriend figure out something. his project is to design and build a game cube to usb adapter that will work with stepmania (a dance dance revolution simulator that you can download for...
  49. F

    Game cube to usb adapter advice

    I am currently trying to help my boyfriend figure out something. his project is to design and build a game cube to usb adapter that will work with stepmania (a dance dance revolution simulator that you can download for free online). he has already correctly mapped out the buttons in his code...
  50. I

    Xircom Credit Card Ethernet Adapter 11PS

    I have a Presario M2202. Wi-fi is not enabled. I found this Xircom Credit Card Ethernet Adapter 11PS and one of my friend told me that the card can be used to connect to wi - fi networks. I wanted to know 1. for what is this card used 2. can this be used to connect to wi- fi networks. if...