1. C

    Wood/Glass/Metal Can I use sodium silicate waterglass to cast a glass object?

    Waterglass is sodium silicate dissolved in water that upon drying forms soda glass. Could it therefore be used to cast a glass object like a slab or will it not form nicely?
  2. G

    I Glass -- how to increase the surface area

    I need to increase the surface area of the glass which will be used in a solar still with the intention of keeping the glass as cool as possible. My first thought was bubble wrap because it's transparent and I thought it would not interfere with the light but then I remembered it is a good...
  3. prashantakerkar

    Aquarium fish tank: Glass material alternatives

    Can there be alternative materials for Aquarium fish tank instead of glass? Example : Stainless steel, Aluminium Plastic, Concrete etc If yes, which materials can be evaluated?
  4. A

    Wood/Glass/Metal Making glass filaments

    I want to make my own glass fiber ceramic matrix composite. I could just buy glass filament, but i want it to be a form of primitive technology, that is something you could make by yourself with materials found in nature. I already learned how to purify sand into very pure silica with KOH from...
  5. pairofstrings

    Digital Transparent Glass; what's its name?

    Hi. I need to know the name of the transparent glass which can display objects like Line, Circle, Numbers, or maybe my name. Thanks!
  6. M

    I Effects of Ultrasonic Transducer in contact with glass

    I'm looking for a way of using ultrasonic cleaning to clean the inside of a glass vessel filled with some sort of fluid by transmitting ultrasounds through the glass, rather than submerging the entire glass vessel. If an ultrasonic transducer, let's say something with a maximum frequency of 40...
  7. B

    Angled take off adapters (distallation aparatus)

    I recently built my first distallation aparatus and in the process bought a few 105 bend take off adapter, however the angle isnt quite right and i cannot seem to source a 24/40 bent adapter/connector of any other angle! Is it just ebay/aliexpress or is 105 standard or something? I am about...
  8. Marcelo Rodrigues

    Glass vacuum chamber minimum thickness

    Hello! I am designing a vacuum chamber made of a vertical glass cylinder free of contact from any other structure, except by the top and bottom where aluminum disks seal the device. Temperature is the same inside and outside. I found on several books the following formula for the hoop stress...
  9. EmilyBergendahl

    Interference in Thin Films: Grade 12 Optics Review

    Homework Statement Would you see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded by air and a film of soap on glass? Why or why not? Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution Yes, you would see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded...
  10. Tardis Traveller

    Maximum angle of the refracted light beam

    Homework Statement A light ray falls from the air (##n_a=1##) into the center of the upper surface of a long cilindrical glass tube with an index of refraction ##n_t=3/2##. The tube is submerged into water all the way to the upper edge and the waters index of refraction is ##n_w=4/3##. What is...
  11. Firye Stanly

    Optics of the magnifying glass

    Homework Statement An observer looks at a small object using a magnifying glass with the focal length of 12cm. Distance from his eye to the magnifying glass is 1cm. The shortest distance at which he sees clearly is 25cm and the largest is when the image of the object is in the distance...
  12. Katti patterson

    B Punching double pane window

    If someone was to punch a double pane window from inside how far could the glass fly outside.. this window is 5ft off ground and I found glass as far as 15 ft away is this possible with a bare hand?
  13. spareine

    In low-e glass, is infrared able to reach the low-e coating?

    A low-e coating in double glazing should reflect long wavelength infrared rays (LWIR, 8-15 µm). However, glass absorbs LWIR. (For example, thermal imaging camera's cannot see through glass.) Are long wave infrared rays able to reach the low-e coating?
  14. M

    Transparent and Invisible

    Why is a smooth clean piece of glass transparent but not invisible?
  15. spareine

    Why is the birefringence pattern in a car colorless?

    When looking through polarizing glasses at the rear window of a car (tempered glass), a black and white pattern appears. Supposedly, this is the same kind of birefringence that causes colored fringes in a plastic sheet, seen through a polarizer. It is clear that retardation and interference in...
  16. A

    Investigate one factor that affects the angle of refraction

    Statement: I need a suitable method and factor to investigate ONE factor that affects the angle of refraction. It has to be related to the context of everyday life and glasses, i.e. how glasses are used to focus light and the light focused is that of a refracted ray. Therefore factors such as...
  17. T

    Dimension change of opening through concrete slab expansion

    Hi, apologies for the length of this, I'm hoping as a group you knowledgeable established or future Engineers and Physicists can help me out with a problem. I have been having a discussion with a colleague about expansion of a 6m x 7m integrally waterproofed (Kryton KIM) concrete slab roof that...
  18. B

    Gases I could expect to see using an IR receiver

    Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of gases I could expect to see using an IR receiver between the wavelengths of 110 and 330 nm. As well as this id love to know what kind of glass could be used in order to not interfere with the actual results. Thanks a million
  19. R

    Making a Nylon - Fibre Composite

    Hi, I was tasked to design a composite material that will undergo a 3 point bending test. Maximum deflection will be of 15mm and a maximum load of 5kN. The scope of this task is not to prevent failure but to analyse the composite and learn from the design process. Nonetheless the composite...
  20. C

    Plastic or glass that can block one colour/ wavelength?

    Hi, new member here, I know very little about physics so have no idea if this is a very basic question or not, but I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to the following: Does there exist a type of plastic or glass that (whilst remaining completely see through) can allow the user to see...
  21. J

    Can't find any micrograph for glass

    I can only find micrographs (photographs of microstructure under electron microscope) of non-transparent glasses. Is it impossible top be able to see the internal structure of a transparent material? If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or find me one that would be great! I'm looking...