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Ansys OR solidworks simulation

  1. Oct 10, 2011 #1
    peace be upon you:
    i am working in design i have finished drawings using sloidworks and about to do simulation
    and i need advice which is better ansys or SW simulaion
    hint : i need accurate results to do optimization for design in the future
    thx in advance
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    I have not worked with Ansys before but I assure you that Solidworks simulation is rather easy to use and "user-friendly" and has way high capabilities.
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    Zein i guess ANSYS will do more justice if in case your model is quite big (even a large assembly).Solidworks although gives you lot of flexibilty in modeling but will lag behind ANSYS pre-processing capabilities.Also i guess ANSYS will give you better post processing tools (let us say contact problems)
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    I totally agree
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