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How to Simulate Residual Stress induced by Friction Stir Welding

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    Hello all,

    I am M.Tech student and doing my dissertation on friction stir welding stimulation in ANSYS Mechanical APDL. I need to simulate residual stresses induced during welding using ANSYS.

    How can I do the same, please reply. I am a beginner in ANSYS. I don't have much knowledge of ANSYS
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    Stimulate? Do you mean simulate?
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    yes simulate, sorry for spelling mistake
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    Honestly this is a big job for someone that is an expert in Ansys, are you really expected to just figure it out? What's the real requirement for your assignment?
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    Actually i need to match the result obtained by the ANSYS and Experimental results so that I can validate my model.
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    Sounds like you're going to need to take a class in Ansys multiphysics analysis, there's way too much to cover on an internet forum. Are there any classes you can take to learn how to use the software?
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    i learn ANSYS from you tube, ANSYS help and few of my college faculties
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