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[ansys] simulation of permanent magnet in 3D

  1. Jun 4, 2015 #1
    I''m facing problem in modelling and analyzing a permanent magnet in 3D. kindly help me out.
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    Sure, S K!

    Post your query in one of the technical forums here at PF. There are several mathematics and physics forums which can host your thread, but please choose only one.

    Try to include as much information about your problem as you can; certainly much more info than you have provided in the previous post will be needed.
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    The problem is to model a permanent magnet with a torus core .I just wanted to know how to attach attribute of magnet to a volume in ansys 15.0. I solved the problem in 2D but in 3D the results are not satisfactory and I'm not able to point out the mistake by me. the construction could be assumed to be a regular torus core with a section of permanent magnet with Hc 100000 A/m. Just a basic BSUM static analysis would be fine. I think this would be sufficient if not kindly reply .
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    thank you Stevie, that was helpful.
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